Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Be wary of candidates/incumbents who won't tell you what they're going to do.

As this election season spools up, here's a quick tip.

Candidates with integrity?  Candidates with courage?  Candidates who want to be held accountable?

They are happy to tell you EXACTLY what they will do if elected.

I noticed a couple of years ago that campaign web sites were becoming more and more generalized, and less and less specific.

For example, what is the value of a candidate who says, "transportation is my top priority" if they fail to tell you how they intend, specifically, to address that issue?

Take Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' campaign web page.

In 2012, when it came to transportation, she was pretty clear:

Seems rather specific to me:

Oppose gas tax and tab fee increases and trash the CRC/Loot Rail project.  Provide evidence as to why the CRC Scam is a bad idea.  Of course, that doesn't really explain how or why it's such a great idea NOW, you understand, but I'm sure Rivers will explain it all to us.

Rivers, of course, was lying about that whole thing, but we didn't know... and now, she can be held accountable for that.

So, what was different 4 years later, in 2016?


Our transportation system is the backbone of our economy and plays a critical role in our quality of life.  Anyone who must travel our freeways to get to work knows that we have significant concerns that must be addressed.
Projects must be prioritized so that those that reduce congestion, increase freight mobility, increase safety, and support economic development are[sic] moved forward first.
Voters want assurances that major projects will not become “Christmas Tree Projects”, that pontoons will not sink; that Bertha can drill, and that we can hold government accountable for their actions.  This knowledge guides my actions when it comes to transportation in Olympia.
That was all Rivers had to say about THE biggest economic issue confronting us in SW Washington.

No specifics.  No detail.  The CRC Scam that she now rabidly supports will do absolutely NONE of those things she claims are her priorities, of course.

What happened to the specifics?  What happened to the "I will oppose" X and "I will support" Y?

They disappeared.  Rivers didn't tell you she was going to resurrect the CRC Scam.  It's not like she wasn't planning it back then... she just didn't want you to know.

The entirety of what she wrote in 2016 was a lie, of course: because, as the meme says:

And that's why you should never vote for anyone who does not tell you EXACTLY what they will or will not do if they are elected instead of a Rivers' type exercise in making you THINK she listens, making you THINK she cares, making you THINK what YOU want matters.

Her actions make it clear that the LAST thing that concerns her is what YOU think or what YOU say, or what YOU want.

That's nowhere on her radar screen.

The reason I'm bringing this up now is because of Rivers' cowardly sock-puppet, likely being positioned to take her Senate seat when the time comes (Sorry Brandon).

You can see the Rivers' Glittering Generalities all over her sock puppet's website.

For example, here's what Hoff's website has to say on transportation:


Essential elements to a vibrant region are effective and efficient transportation routes and systems. Washington’s commerce, employment and the safety of our citizens depends on it. We absolutely must address the ever-expanding issue of congestion and freight mobility on the I-5 corridor in a methodic[sic] and common sense manner. I will be committed to expeditiously promoting positive transportation decisions.
There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF ANY VALUE in his babble...except, of course, it isn't HIS. Clearly, this garbage is another Rivers product.

If anything, Hoff, being brand new to elective politics, should be showing EXCRUCIATING detail in his plans.

Instead?  We get no detail at all.


It's so he can do any damned thing he pleases and do it without any accountability.

Even now, as a candidate, he's too much of a coward to answer questions requesting specifics.

But that character flaw aside, his complete and utter lack of detail on ANYTHING he wants to do is designed to allow him to do whatever he wants: increases taxes like his masters want; increase fees, represent the downtown mafia like Rivers... ALL of that is being done for HIS benefit... and not ours.

Be warned.

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