Monday, February 19, 2018

Three democrats speak out on DACA and Trump

It's a pity that we have this utterly, completely worthless do-nothing woman we have "representing" us in Congress.

There are so many, many others out there who actually could DO something, instead of mailing it in all these years and wasting our time, effort, energy and money.

We could have had a hard-charging crusader who would be more concerned about making something happen... then trying to convince people she's actually accomplishing something.

What are her politics?  The democratian shows us:

Washington lawmakers vow to resolve stalemate on immigration issue
That's an utter and complete joke, BTW.

Neither of the two crones on the left have any say, and the worthless do-nothing on the right killed any gravitas she MAY have had by trashing President Trump during his campaign.

But NO ONE has ever claimed Herrera has been the brightest bulb on the tree.

What she HAS been is a reliable democrat vote when they needed/wanted one.

Where was Herrera when it came to voting to get rid of Obamacare?

She voted with the democrats.

So the headline of this idiocy is Washington lawmakers vow to resolve stalemate on immigration issue.

They have no say.  They have no impact.  They my as well "vowed" to learn the art of levitation.

But that's not the point.  The point is that once again, our worthless waste of skin congresswoman joined with the democrats to ignore the will of the people...  because like most people in office, she could care less what WE want.

We are cursed with three utterly vacuous hacks who have done far more damage than good.  If they are to join in ANYTHING, it SHOULD be to join in a demand that the list of those scum who wasted millions of our dollars to pay off their sexual assault/harassment cases because they couldn't keep their mouths shut, their hands to themselves and their pants zipped.

They ALL knew, and they all knew for YEARS.  They ALL kept silent.  And NONE of them have demanded the release of that list.

Meanwhile, one can only hope that the DACA roundups begin on March 6th.

I know *I* do.

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