Saturday, September 23, 2017

So, Trump, speaking for millions, bitch-slaps the NFL.

By now, you've likely heard of the President's reaction to those punks disrespecting our flag and this country at the start of many NFL games.

This same NFL has no problem fining players thousands of dollars for, say, honoring the slain Dallas police officers or writing other things on their uniforms.

But the NFL seems incapable of understanding that at least part of their ever-dropping TV ratings and ever dwindling fans-in-the-stands, like this one:

USC's crowd put the Rams' embarrassing attendance to shame in side-by-side

Last year, the excuse was the election was a distraction, because, you know, NFL fans are so buried into politics that it keeps them from watching/attending football.
I haven't seen the excuses they're using this year, save for the games take too long and they're far too expensive... but what else is new?

I, personally, have dumped my franchise-history long allegiance to the Seahawks starting last year with the idiocy of that moronic defensive back, Jeremy Lane, who felt he had to be Kaeperpick's bitch and disrespect the Flag and the Anthem just like he did.

This year, it's that thug Michael Bennett and others.
So, no.  I don't watch them.  I won't watch them.  And the anger the President expressed dovetails absolutely with mine.

You see, these scum believe... And the frightened NFL has so far gone along with... the idea that they have a "right" do engage in this middle-school bullshit.  A bunch of pampered, spoiled, multimillionaire jocks, disrespecting the flag on a field the grateful taxpayers for the State of Washington bought these low-lifes because obviously, Paul Allen couldn't afford it.

The President said, effectively, what every NFL owner AND the Commissioner SHOULD have said and SHOULD BE SAYING:
Disrespect our Flag and our Anthem?

You're fired.
Obviously, these clowns aren't getting the message.  It's gonna take some REAL financial hurt to get their attention.
I support President Trump's efforts.  And the irony of the scumbag Commissioner of the NFL whining about the President failing to "respect" the players?

Well, that kind of hypocrisy cannot be overlooked.
The President, it appears to me, is "respecting" THEM, EXACTLY as much as they're respecting US.
Yes, this same NFL made hundreds of thousands off fines for "uniform violations."  So, to the scum running the NFL, the issue isn't one of disrespect.  It's one of WHAT you disrespect.

And clearly, they have no problem disrespecting the Country that has enabled them to become prima-donna millionaires because they can play a game.

If these punks are looking for sympathy, one of my old platoon sergeants used to tell us "it's in the dictionary between 'shit' and 'syphilis.'"

I appreciate the President delivering the message to these light weights.  Screw them AND the National Football League.

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Vic said...

Love this, it's exactly how we feel.