Sunday, September 24, 2017

The irony of the pro-jock's response to President Trump's remarks concerning their defilement of the Flag and the Anthem.


The needle on my irony meter not only pegged... it wrapped itself around the peg... twice.

Ever since that slimeball started the trend, several others of these overpaid, underworked, spoiled rotten punks, incapable of producing an independent thought, have joined with the unemployed moron in showing their disdain for their country, for those who sacrificed so these millionaires.... WHO PLAY A FRICKING GAME can act like idiots... for the people of this country and certainly, for those of us who paid for the palaces these scum play in.

Their antics don't make me care MORE as to whatever their goal happens to be: in fact, it has the opposite effect... It makes me care less.


Not to me, they don't.  Not until black lives begin to matter to other blacks and they stop slaughtering each other in places like the Chicago Shooting Gallery... where 751people were murdered, included in the number of just under 3,000 people shot.

They were mostly black.

The victims?  Were mostly black.

The shooters?  Were mostly black.

Seen these same scumbags in Chicago, attempting to DO something about this?  I sure haven't.

So when these clowns crap on our Flag in protest over.... what, exactly? 

Yeah, my heart pumps purple concrete over whatever the "Cause" is that these people do nothing... or next to nothing... about the rest of the year.

But the mortality of their insult to the REST of the people of this country... those of us who keep them in Lamborghinis...

Yes, this is Beast Mode's Lambo, yes, he put
velvet ropes up around it on a public street.
Of course, SOME of these players actually DO "give back" to their communities.
But not nearly enough to impress me.
For example, this bit of bling on the left, here.
How many patients could have been seen at a free clinic with the hundreds of thousands of dollars this toy cost Marshawn Lynch?

Yes, he gives his community lunch money.  But does it stop him from living a life most people in Oakland, California can't even imagine?

It's really easy to sit on your ass and insult tens of millions so you can claim you're DOING something.

Well, if the Lynchs and the Bennetts care all THAT much, why aren't they giving, say, 90% of their pay to efforts to STOP BLACKS FROM SLAUGHTERING EACH OTHER?

It's because in reality, they DON'T care.

They are, at core, as racist and bigoted as any Klan member who ever lived and the whole point of their escapade is to jam a stick in the eye of whitey.

Well, to jam a stick in MY eye, I have to watch.  Which I refuse to do.

The NFL is aiding and abetting these scum, as that slimeball Goodell, who pulls down what, $40 million a year because of this game? Proceeds to enable these massive insults... having approved hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for everything from wearing the wrong color shows to writing a message on their uniform with a felt-tipped pen.

NFL ticket sales are off and ratings are getting slaughtered.  Last year, their excuse was because of the election.  That, of course, was (and is) a crock.  Because THIS year, we don't HAVE elections to "distract" us.

As if.

So, yesterday, the President put a voice to the people who are sickened by these scum.  He told it the way many of us see it.

And what did that moron Goodell have to say?
NFL's Goodell says Trump's comments about league, players show 'lack of respect'
Wait.... what?

As near as I can tell, he's showing these scum the same level of respect they're showing the rest of the country... which ain't much... and Goodell doesn't seem to care about THAT, does he?

Some of these scum actually DID manage to graduate.  Presumably, they aren't ALL stupid.

They have to at least have an inkling of the damage this idiocy is causing.  Those of us who pay their outrageous salaries are staying home.

How much longer the NFL can take these loses is an open question.  But the NFL's hypocrisy is not.

I refuse to be involved in any way with these scum and their enablers.

And I am not alone.

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Vic said...

Such good thoughts on this idiotic behavior. I wish there was a list of the "good guys" the only one I know of is Steeler Alejandro Villanueva. Thank you!