Saturday, September 23, 2017

Gellatly and his winged monkey Crain continue to trash the local GOP.

It's tough when you've got a psychotic-appearing slimeball as your local party chair.

And it's tougher if he's stupid.

It's difficult to find any marked difference between Chair Gellatly and Chair Stalin.  Both exist in a cult of personality: both are dictatorial and neither allow(ed) democracy to flourish.

Most recently, the Board voted to get rid of Insane Clown Posse 7 to 4... And one of those 4 had resigned.

Gellatly's whack jobs, including the local rag, call that a "coup attempt".  That's a lie, of course, but it pales in comparison to the lengthy list of lies and incompetencies this scumbag is responsible for.

Meanwhile, these two scum are out their busily trying to round up votes to get 4 of the 7 board members who, coincidentally, voted to remove Clown as Chair; kicked off the Board.

Posse is very big on getting the PCOs to vote to kick OTHERS off the Board.  Doesn't seem too keen on allowing such a vote when HE is the object of their democracy.

But then, among his other talents, Clown is best known for being the biggest hypocrite in local politics.

So, he sent this load of tripe out here not too long ago...
 Also, please consider the following. We all believe the current state of the Clark County Republican Party needs resolved. The board has reached irreconcilable differences and cannot move forward together, which all board member[sic] agree on. This Petition is solely to call the meeting, and is not a vote one way or the other. 
 The attached petition is to call for a meeting where the PCOs are able to vote whether or not to remove the disruptive members of the board. If at this meeting, the PCOs vote to resume with these members, the Chair and the Vice Chair will resign. If they vote to remove these members, then we will immediately elect replacements for their positions.  
Either way, this is the only way to come to a final resolution for a board willing and able to work together. As Lisa Ross so eloquently put it, let's rip this band-aid off. 
 At least 7 days prior to this meeting, there will be a fact sheet released so all members can make an educated decision. 
 If you are on this list, and you sign this today, we can call this evening this evening and resolve this thing. We would like to call this meeting Oct. 14th, so that it may be resolved prior to our next Central Committee Meeting. By doing this, you are helping the party move forward from this, no matter which direction it moves. I of course hope that we move towards one with a higher sense of integrity. 
 Thank you for all you do,
 David Gellatly"
There's so much crap and bogus nonsense in this one email, I don't know where to start.

The only "irreconcilable differences" are between the vast majority of the Board and Insane.

The Board certainly CAN "move forward," with or without Insane on it: After all, in most instances, a 7 to 4 vote advantage is plenty to make things happen.

The problem Insane has here is his incessant reference to the Board members smart enough to vote against him as "disruptive."  No one has come close to the level of "disruption" Insane has caused.  No one has lied more.  No one has threatened more.  No one has tried to intimidate more.

His actions are far more "disruptive" than anything these people have engaged in.

The BEST way to "rip the band aid off" is to put ONE name up to a vote for removal.

And that is David.

Aka Insane Clown Posse.

Any "fact sheet" from that scumbag will be even more worthless than he is.  It would contain lies, exaggerations, falsehoods and portray Insane as pure as the driven snow.

It likely will contain testimonials from his strip club buddy, and/or Carolyn Crain, who seems quite forgiving of Clown when it comes to his efforts to trash her through me.

Politics makes strange bed fellows, to be sure, but not the strangest that I know about... Right, Senator? (Yes... I know you're reading this... and I know what you tried to do to me.)

So, stay tuned.  This is about to get interesting.

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