Monday, June 19, 2017

So, the news that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) is now getting PAID to be a democrat. What has the local GOP done about it?

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Gather 'round, 11th Commandment fans: how far does that go? And where's the suddenly silent Gellatly on THIS?

So, the Port blows a half million on a democrat campaign consultant, Ron Dotzauer, who then hires alleged "Republican" Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers. No conflict there, eh?  )

What has the GOP done about it?


Much like, given the inept leadership of their clueless chair, no one expected them to do anything.

I dunno... maybe those of us cursed with a turncoat Senator in arguably one of the most conservative districts in the state should feel special?

I mean, what other elected Republican is actually getting paid by a democrat campaign consulting firm?

Here's the thing: I get that the RINOs who want to run the local party don't care that Rivers is not only voting like a democrat... but she's going to get PAID by the democrats.

But this sort of thing isn't even subtle corruption.  It's the right-out-there, in-your-face variety.

Every day the party fails to react to Rivers becoming completely democrat in everything but name is another day that tends to show how utterly worthless and bereft of leadership they are.

Now is the time for them to man-up, act, and toss her butt out... while beginning the process of rounding up a candidate to primary her.  Time is available... but remember: Rivers is owned by rich special interests like the 13th Amendment is the 13th Suggestion.  It won't be easy... but with the right candidate, it can be done...

If Rivers has done everything but change parties in name only, then one has to wonder: how much more does it take?  And why isn't the party looking for an opponent?

I suppose once the chair implemented the Tomi Cleavage rule, that eliminated any limit... meaning there is no line in the sand a crook can cross to actually get expelled from the party.

After all, Boldt was tossed out on his behind merely because he had a democrat voting record... much like Rivers voting record over the past two years.

Add to that the fact that she is getting PAID by the democrats?

When is the party going to ACT?  When are they even going to ACKNOWLEDGE her corruption?

What's the hold up?

This isn't rocket science: any elected Republican who goes to work for a democrat campaign consultant is obviously not a Republican... regardless of what she may call herself.

And as stunning as this kind of arrogance actually is where a Republican was hired to defeat other Republican campaigns (face it, that isn't something you see every day) the lack of ANY reaction by the party to her perfidy is simply unbelievable.

But the unbelievable is what we've come to expect from the local chair.  And I am not surprised by any of this.

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