Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The joke of "bi-partisan softball." It changes nothing.

Lately, there's been the bright, shiney political aspect of "bi-partisan softball."

RINOs take on their buddies on the left.  It's a game... an extension of the political game the leftist (allegedly) Republicans play with the democrat establishment, exactly like they did, for example, to get 39% Boldt elected.

These softball games changed nothing.  It changed nothing at the national level; it changed nothing at the local level.  Just for one example, the C3G2 hate group barely mentioned it.

This is the utter confusion of motion... with action.

"Motion" takes place when something happens that changes nothing.

"Action" takes place when something happens that makes a difference.

What is different today than last week?  The leftists don't unify.  They NEVER unify.

How long did their "unity" last, post 9/11?  Thirty seconds or so?

Those people in Alexandria are just as shot.  A hard core leftist did it.  Their hatred continues unabated.  The twitter universe can't unfire those rounds of hatred which a massive number of leftists fired.

Do not be fooled.  Do not be distracted.

The hatred of the left continues unabated today as much as it did when that Bernie supporter did his best to slaughter unarmed Members of Congress and their staffs on that softball field on the other side of the country.

No amount of softball will change that.

What COULD change it is for the leftist leadership to begin a year's long campaign to undo the damage cause by the moron who had the job of president for the last 8 years.

That leadership COULD demand that those engaging in this terroristic, riotous, speech silencing, assaultive behavior be given the maximum sentences if found guilty.  They COULD go after college campuses which allow free speech to be trampled.  They COULD CLOBBER those scum who claim that Congressman Scalise deserved to be shot, like those clowns in the media.

They COULD condemn this kind of activity whenever and wherever it happens.

They won't, of course.  They have no more of a problem with the blood of the right being spilled than they do with the Baltimore riots and the Mikey Brown riots in Ferguson.

No... they'll remain silent in the face of the killings, the shootings, the assaults of those who disagree with their perspective much like they remain silent about the slaughterhouse Chicago has become on the democrat's watch.

Because to do otherwise... to actually hold themselves accountable for this kind of an outcome is just... too... difficult when your politics are the politics of hate.

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