Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More on the horrors of Obamacare here in Washington.

Leftists, of course, love the rip off of the nightmare called Obamacare.

Well, guess what:  Because Congress has been sitting on their collective thumbs (Thanks, GOP!) It's going to get worse... much worse... here in Washington State.

Health-plan rates in Washington state’s individual market could go up an average of 22%

Health-insurance rates in Washington’s individual market would increase an average of 22 percent based on filings under review by state officials. Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler blamed part of the increase on uncertainty about Obamacare’s future. 
Health-insurance rates in Washington’s individual market would increase an average of 22 percent next year based on filings under review by state officials.

No insurers would be offering plans in the individual markets of Grays Harbor and Klickitat counties, state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler said Monday.

The increases are almost twice the 13.5 percent increase insurers proposed last year for 2017. Options would decrease as prices soar next year for the 300,000 Washingtonians who buy their health coverage in the marketplace for individuals.

This year 13 insurers offered 154 plans in the market and nine companies sold plans inside the state exchange created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare.

Next year 11 insurers would offer just 71 plans with just seven companies selling inside the exchange. About 62 percent of the Washingtonians enrolled through the exchange receive a subsidy to help pay their costs, according to Kreidler’s office.

“I know these numbers will be extremely upsetting to people who buy their own health insurance. They’re upsetting to me,” said Kreidler said in a statement. His staff will review the filings in coming months to make sure the increases are warranted.

In addition to the rising costs of prescription drugs and medical care, Kreidler said Republicans in Washington, D.C. are sowing instability in the health-insurance market. 

Kreidler is lying about the cause, of course.  As a democrat in a fringe-left state, he has no desire to commit political suicide by telling the truth: Obamacare has been an abysmal failure from its inception and it's been in a death spiral since it was first implemented.

"Uncertainty" is a outright crock of horse manure as the cause of these upcoming horrific increases, just like they've had nothing to do with every OTHER horrific increase that's taken place since the left got this insanity installed.

Costs, of course, are not based on "instability."  They're based on what things cost.

The lie of Obamacare is hurting us all.  Sadly, few if any democrats have the courage to tell it like it is... so they're reduced to the BS Kreidler laid out, which, instead of this nightmare being incapable of sustain itself under ANY circumstances, the left needs to do what they always do when their plans blow up in their collective face:  blame these horrific increases on the GOP.

If only Obama and the rest of the left hadn't been lying to our faces.  If only this rip off actually "saved" a family of four $2500 per year in premiums like that disgrace of a president lied to us about so much.  If only we could have kept both our doctors... and our plans.

If only.

I mean, why should anyone doubt the word of a leftist political hack like the insurance commissioner?  He'd never lie about this... would he?

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