Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Another leftist failure to take place tomorrow: the so-called "Women Strike."

You'd think that after the last debacle, the so-called "day without illegals," the leftist would know better.  But no one has ever claimed that George Soros is the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to how he spreads his cash around.

This is no exception.

Like the illegal's strike, no one will really notice and no one will really care.

You see, few countries on earth have the freedoms we have.  And fewer still enable the women of their country to enjoy those freedoms more.

As I stated at the time, the illegal alien day was a day without impact or notice. 

This will be no different.

Some business owners in the fringe-left cities like Portland, shut down in sympathy with their illegals, but all that did was cost those illegals a day's pay.  Other illegals were moronic enough to walk off their jobs and get fired.

But the reality is that no one really noticed.  And no one really cared.

And that will be the same tomorrow.

I look forward to the only real notice being given by local leftist and national leftist... news organs who will have to make sure to TELL us it happened... when otherwise, we'd have never known.

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