Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Students skipped class yesterday and the democratian thought that was news?

So, a bunch of ingrates bailed on classes at Ft. Vancouver yesterday, throwing a hissy-fit over the President.  Naturally, our local democrat daily had to give that space... almost as if it mattered.

It doesn't.

If you're an illegal, you should not be here.

Eight days old or 18 years old.  And if you're caught, you should be deported.

A few illegals and a crowd of students using this for an excuse to bail on their classes amble along the road around Fort...  and the rag felt they had to give them ink.

Yes, I know that such a conclusion is harsh... but we have a problem with illegal aliens... or we don't.  And if we have such a problem, then steps need to be taken to resolve that problem.

Some of those steps will not be pleasant.  Some people won't like it.

These punks that bailed on their taxpayer-paid-for classes had no right to protest if they're here illegally.  And, of course, if they were so damned concerned about any of this, then here's a simple question:

Why couldn't they have done their little march AFTER classes?

Look, part of any effort to rid ourselves of illegal aliens is first, to identify those aliens.

Part of that is implementing a citizenship identification component that enables citizens and lawful residents to stay here and use the services we provide.

And that will, at some point, require schools... among other organizations... to identify the citizenship of those they serve and report those here illegally to ICE.

That these idiots would bring attention to this issue doesn't do their side all that much of a service.

What it DOES do is to point out that this problem exists now.  And it puts it on the list of problems to be fixed.

Deportation is a great way to do that.

Meanwhile, if it's in any way negative and against Trump?  The rag's gonna report it.

Even if it's moronic nonsense like yesterday's little whine fest.

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