Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Need another reason to despise teacher's unions? Here ya go!

Having become sick of the extortion of teacher' unions years ago, this kind of "screw the kids" and "screw those paying our wages" shtick is par for their course:

This idiocy may have been taken by the clown running this union on their own.  But that any member of any union anywhere may believe this kind of stupidity is reason enough to get rid of ALL public employee unions... INCLUDING teachers.

And oddly, just now, when I went to the Evergreen Education Association website, there was not ONE WORD on their web site that announced this or explained it.

Why is that?

You'd think they'd be all over this... proud of it... and broadcast it to the entire world.

But they're silent.

Why?  Because they're ashamed that once again, they're holding their students hostage?


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