Monday, January 09, 2017

Thought the local RINO clique was interested in "unity?"

I was pondering the question after the latest effort by the democratian to trash me (another unsolved mystery: if I'm so unimportant and nobody reads my meager effort... why do they insist on writing about me, no matter how much they lie about me in the process?) which is: do *I* have ANY impact on the mythical unity the rag and the RINOs have done so much to destroy over the past 3 or 4 years?

Of course not.

I'm reminded of a mother-in-law kind of relationship wherein "mom" demands control of the immediate family, including the families of the Mom's kids.

In this rhetorical instance, that ain't happening because some members of the family can't be bought or coerced into giving up the authority to run their own lives the way they see fit.

Mom, or in this scenario, the RINO/Carolyn Crain clique, throws a fit.

If Mom can't call all the shots, she will do all she can to destroy the extended part of the family that refuses to do what she tells them.

And in its entirety, that sums up the relationship between Crain and the County GOP.

You see, there is only and precisely ONE brand of "unity" that is acceptable to Crain and her ilk... and that is HER brand.

Fail to comply with her edicts and she will do everything she can to trash you... from putting together a fake GOP organization to fund RINO candidates that she and other RINOs have worked so diligently to recruit and run?

The current GOP Chair, under the guise of "unity," is willing to kiss the RINO's collective asses to bring them back under the local GOP "tent," so to speak.

Except... the RINO's don't care.

They will use this young man to their own end, much like the democrats are using these some RINOs to THEIR own end (leftist governance, which is what we're getting from the 4 Stooges and what we've had stuffed down our collective throats over the past year) but the idea that they will fold up their tent and become an actual part of the local GOP?

Forget about it.

A new Chair and Vice Chair notwithstanding, Crain and her fake Republican clique are still going full speed ahead:

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$65 per person.  And that is NOT money that will be used to support conservatives.

For what?

The primary purpose of her band of idiots is to take over the local party.  In fact, you can check out one of her planning emails here:

And what's the take away from Crain's egomaniacal efforts?
Thank you all so much!
Let's ROCC Clark County!

Carolyn Crain
"Let's ROCC Clark County!"

What... exactly... does that mean?

It means what it says: she wants to take over the party around here, directly or indirectly through surrogates.

I'm given to understand that the actual CCGOP leader believed that with his election and this kiss-the-RINO-ring-approach to running the show, that this narcissist, Crain, would fold up her tent and just join with the rest around the campfire singing "Kumbaya."

Well, this "dinner" fund raiser scam shows something kinda different.

It shows that this co-admin of the leftist C3G2 hate site, Crain, has precisely ZERO intention of engaging in any kind of unity or compromise within the local GOP.

More proof of their intentions, from the fake Republican page: 
What is it that Kenny Smith and Liz Pike have to fear from the legal exercise of political speech and constitutional rights?
Nothing.  And nothing they wrote indicates they have any fear.

All they did was out you clowns for what you are.
While the new chairman may have great intentions, his service is restricted by the executive board, which is still dominated by the same ultra right wing conservatives that tried to censure a sitting US Representative, refused to support with data or with contributions the efforts of Republicans seeking reelection, and republicans running for elective office.
This, of course, stands as an acknowledgement of the fake Republican plan to get rid of the conservatives in the party.

Because Ridgefield Barbie had it coming... RINOs don't deserve "data or contributions" (throwing money away at democrats is hardly a wise use of funds.) 
These are the people who fear if they don't get donations they cannot continue to oppose republicans.
And the clown who wrote this garbage on the fake Republican page is just pissed off that she/he/it has no say because they can't take control.
Thus they attack a group dedicated to supporting republicans.
Reduced to lying, this isn't about "attacking a group dedicated to supporting Republicans."

This is about trashing a group of narcissistic clowns who are bent out of shape because they can't get anyone who matters to listen to them and do what THEY want.

Their 7 or 8 followers pee their pants with every effort to kick conservatives out and put fringe-left democrats masquerading as Republicans in.  Folks are on to their game, and they HATE it that they got caught.
And suggest that we ought to be all in, to support the new chairman.
Are you listening, Mr. Chair?
Well fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
I TRIED to tell you and you WOULD... NOT... LISTEN.
I have no reason to trust the executive board of the clark county republican party, especially when they continue to stoop to the low methods used to attack republicans. Why should I trust them to support republicans. With that history. I cannot.
And the local GOP has no reason to trust the ROCC, because they can use your own words to point out the scum that you are.

As I've been pointing out, this isn't ABOUT the GOP.  This is about a small group of butthurt little punks who specialize in throwing tantrums when they can't get their own way.

To that end, Dake's hit piece on me was, perhaps, the right church (efforts to destroy GOP unity) but the wrong pew (It isn't my doing, but instead is the year's long work of the Crain/Boger/RINO clique.)

And here's a quick memo to the local GOP:  Carolyn Crain and her Winged Monkeys are as interested in unifying with the local GOP as the Young Democrats who endorsed my fake Republican brother-in-law for county chair.

In short: not at all.

If you can't figure it out with this evidence, Chairman Gellatly, then you really ought to do everyone a favor and resign.

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