Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The RINO take-over planning meeting is scheduled to get ready for the December 3rd reorg meeting: here's the low-down from the low down.

Now, you naturally would expect local fake Republicans Carolyn Crain and Brent Boger to be leading the charge in the effort to reassert RINO control over the local party apparatus.  And if you did have that expectation, you wouldn't be disappointed.
From: hazel_x2@comcast.net  
Date: 11/13/16 1:14 PM (GMT-08:00)  
Subject: pre-reorg training meeting RSVP! 
Please RSVP now! I need to know how many are planning on attending which meeting...
Subject: pre-reorg training meeting

Hi everybody! We are almost there... 
I am talking about the December 3rd Re-org for the Clark County Republican Party leadership meeting.

Many of us have worked very very hard to get to this day and the teamwork has been incredible. I am proud of us all.

It is time for the last step in the readiness process. To accomplish the goals we all need a refresher in the process of the way it is supposed to be conducted.

We have a great candidates and a couple of other items to introduce so I have decided to make this meeting happen in two separate meetings which are IDENTICAL!
Both of these meetings are the same exact meeting so you only need to attend one of them. Please RSVP me a response to let me know which meeting you will attend. Tuesday November 15th 6 pm to 7:30 pm @ Oak Room in the Marshall Community Center 1009 E. McLoughlin Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98663

Meeting will start promptly at 6 so check in 10 to 15 minutes early and please be on time we want to keep this punctual so people can go home on time. 
We will be serving light appetizers and soda or water.

6 pm introduction to re-org training Brent Boger
6:30 candidates for new leadership
7:00 New party bylaws Brent Boger

Saturday November 19th 9:30 am to 11 am @ Walnut Grove Church 6004 NE 72nd Ave Vancouver WA 98661

Again meeting will start promptly at 9:30 with an 11 am exit. Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early 
We will be serving coffee, juice and pastries.

9:30 am introduction to re-org training Brent Boger
10:00 am candidates for new leadership
10:30 am New party bylaws Brent Boger

Thank you all so much!
Let's ROCC Clark County!

Carolyn Crain
The usual suspects have been invited: I've got the list but I'll be sitting on it for the time being.

You can be sure that others have been "invited" who are not on the list... like Jimmy Mains and Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

But here you go.

The people largely responsible for the democrat-controlled county council and their massive budget increases and whined-for tax increases will certainly be there.

Yeah, Crain... we know what kind of hypocrite you are; you spelled it out with this:

Carolyn Crain20 hrsNo kidding... I always heard the person who accuses someone of something is usually the person who is actually doing or done that something.
The vitriol and damage caused by both Crain and Brent "Part time, whenever he feels like being in the GOP" Boger are part and parcel of the division within the party confronting the people of this county today.... and the national GOP before Trump busted a rhetorical cap in their collective asses. Crain stands as the very example of her own words.

It's the kind of thing one of Lefty Lou's drinking buddies like Boger would be interested in.  It's the situational ethics... the double standard of the RINOs that results in the stench enveloping us locally today.

And who knew that churches could be used for political party meetings?  After all, the ban on political campaign activity is fairly straight forward.  Is it time to let the IRS in on Crain's big secret? Crain, of course, has that #Blacklivesmatter/#OccupyCCGOP/#NotMyPresident mentality.  She believes she's owed something. She wants to matter much like Boger wants to matter and she really doesn't care what the voters want as long as the RINOs generally (and, no doubt, Crain individually) get back into and take over control of the local party.

To help set that table, Crain comes out trashing Liz Pike, who only won with 57% or so of the vote... as if the fact that her fellow RINOs voted democrat instead of voting for a conservative (not surprising given RINO hatred of conservatives) somehow justifies... anything.

Let's remember: The RINOs and Gas Tax Rivers went out and found a fake democrat to run against Pike; a guy given the mission of punishing Pike because she had the temerity to actually REPRESENT her district by loudly opposing "Gas Tax" Rivers' rape of our wallets in the form of hanging a $700 million gas tax/tab fee yoke around our necks... Rivers' lies notwithstanding.

Shane Bowman was hammered.  Crain apparently doesn't remember that the clown THEY supported in the 18th was destroyed in the primary.... because he shared the RINO view that we should have been GRATEFUL that Rivers hammered our wallets by betraying those of us who supported her election and her promises to OPPOSE such increases... as she will continue to betray us whenever the mood strikes because she now knows she won't be held accountable for her political perfidy.

So, in Crain's damaged brain, that Pike crushed her opponent is meaningless.  In Crain's head, Pike didn't crush him ENOUGH.

But one thing I know for certain: Crain will never win in the 49th.  Crain will never come close to winning in the 49th.  She's detestable, and that doesn't play in a candidate.

She sees herself as some sort of political genius... which explains perfectly why she's ran for office in the 49th something like 85 times and gotten hammered every time.You'd think she'd have figured that out by now.
Crain's endorsement of Green from his campaign website.

In fact, I recall that she was convinced beyond redemption that with the departure of Jim Moeller, SHE was going to take HIS seat.  That was utter nonsense, of course; I told her as much at the time as far as that goes.

Marc showing off his new teeth endorsing Jim Moeller.

The textbook definition of delusional... has her picture next to it. There is, after all, a reason that Crain is a moderator of the fringe-left hate group, C3G2.  (Endorsing leftist democrat Chuckie Green against Julie Olsen likely had something to do with getting that gig... much like, come to think of it, my whack job brother-in-law that the scum involved in Crain's band of RINOs endorsed as a democrat and that he, Boldt himself, proceeded to endorse Jimmy Moeller over his former favorite girl, Jamie "Ridgefield Barbie" Herrera.)

Anyway, here it is.  Another indicator of an attempted RINO take over of the local party.

Maybe we all should show up at their meetings?

I'm certain that the people behind this coup attempt would LOVE to have input from the local GOP rank and file.  Aren't you?

After all, not everyone Crain invited is a PCO, but only PCO's will have any say.

Lefty Lou, the RINOs best friend, will be delighted.

Right, Brent?

Drinking buddies, Lefty Lou and Brent Boger.  Lefty was winding up to blow an editorial hole thru Boger back in the day, until his leftist buddies, Betty Sue Morris and Craig Pridemore interceded.

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