Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why I don't see this nation uniting.

Our little corner of heaven here is a microcosm of much of the country.

There are, essentially, 3 political parties in Clark County.

We have the leftists, the fake Republicans and the real Republicans.

There is precisely zero reason for the first group, the leftists, to unite with the mainstream.  The have taken control of the tools in the RINO group and have essentially used them to do their bidding. RINOs would never admit it, of course, but we have far too many outcomes the leftists like for it to just be mere coincidence.

Neither of those two groups give a damn what the people want; the RINO group is throwing an ongoing hissy-fit because they've been dumped from power and control over the local mechanism and they miss going to the parties and so forth and having any say at the state level.  Their hatred of conservatives even typically exceeds that of your usual C3G2 leftist hater...

That leaves the County GOP, who views this as anathema and refuses to compromise on their principles.

The leftist-RINO group has a lot:  they've got a lot of money in the form of leftist PACs that RINOs glom on to, as the left uses them to reassert control over local government and local legislators.

When this group joins with the Cowlitz Tribal Mafia for funding candidates owned like the 13th Amendment was never passed, the weight of it all could crush the County GOP.

That said, this isn't, as a RINO would admit in a sober moment, a battle of ideas.  RINO ideas have been and rightfully ought to be, crushed.  Democrat-lite is not what the people want; I voted heavily democrat in this cycle for the first time ever because I determined that I would rather have a genuine democrat in office than the fake variety (Blom) or the lying variety of "Republican" (Rivers)

It's a matter of a group of whiny, pissed off people who simply cannot see where they've gotten it so wrong while the County GOP, which now continues to have more elected people with an "R" after their names than ever before.


The nonsense and sniveling from the RINOs and the leftist media when they County GOP would act in ways they didn't like and that, as a result, the local GOP was DOA and would get killed this election were proven wrong... both locally... and nationally.

It's the same kind of disproven garbage the left so hypocritically spewed after the GOP, which was run by RINO Brandon Vick at the time, booted my moronic brother-in-law out of the party.

The local media went nuts.  Brent Boger, among others, engaged in his usual response, which is to throw a tantrum and quit because he didn't get his way.

Well, he's "unquit" now and mightily pissed off because the local party really doesn't pay any attention to him... like he, Boger, is somehow entitled.

He ain't.

So, what does he do?

Votes for and supports democrats like Marc Boldt.  Throws a hissy fit and publicly denounces Trump, as if Clinton was a pure as the driven snow in comparison over an 11 year old audio tape.

All those discussions with Rivers about this guy.  I wonder if he's asked her about that yet, and what she told him if she had.

But it's this kind of skulduggery that will keep us apart.  And it is what it is.

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