Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Memo for RINOs: your excuses for kowtowing to Obama are over.

Ever since the campaign that resulted in the GOP taking control of the House (10), we've been bombarded with GOP campaigns that promised to, among other things, get rid of Obamacare; cut spending, cut taxes, and get rid of these horrific executive orders that the insane clown posse of a president put into place.

They did none of that, of course.  And the excuses from local RINOs in particular was... that the GOP only had the House (ONLY?  ALL budget bills are suppose to originate in the House... why didn't they just defund it?) and they couldn't do anything until they had the Senate.

Then, of course, the GOP took the Senate.  McConnell's signature platform plank was the repeal of Obamacare.  The, of course, also did nothing.

As it turned out, they lied to get control of Congress.  Not just about Obamcare, but about cutting spending, cutting taxes, reducing the size of government... almost every pledge they made was broken.

RINOs again told us, well, they couldn't do anything without having both Houses AND the presidency.

That's not true, of course.  Our budget deficit has ballooned to $20 trillion on the GOP Congress's watch.  Our military has been slashed in the middle of a war.  The size of government has exploded. We have millions more illegal aliens and dozens of dead Americans slaughter by jihadis.

Well, now, guess what: you're out of excuses.

This time, when you fail us, we'll be waiting.  And when 2018 rolls around and you lose control of Congress, it will be the People who rose up and took it away from you as we boot your asses out of office.

Jaime... you listening?

Excuse time is over.  Instead, do what the hell we want you to do or we will find people who will.

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