Thursday, November 17, 2016

A RINO response to my post of Tuesday outing their efforts to take over the party

The local RINO contingent is not happy that I've exposed their efforts here:
Joseph W. Delli Gatti Joseph W. Delli GattiNope - not stunned. (about my post below outing the RINO take-over effort) I read the blog article you wrote, and you really weren't right about much. Sure, maybe some of the facts were straight, but the attitude, the bad-mouthing, and character slamming is all wrong. I don't get why you have to bully people. If there's anybody dividing and damaging the conservative cause, it's not what you would describe as "liberal" Republicans like Carolyn Crain doing the damage. You can look no further than hateful and spiteful blog posts that slander, defame, and unduly criticize to find the damage - and why the bulk of Republicans don't vote the same as promoted by the official county party. I think you'd catch more flies with honey - and that applies to winning people over to your political views.
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 So, naturally, I responded to set Joe straight.
Let me help you with that:

On one hand, you claim "I "really wasn't right about much."

Then you say "sure, maybe some of the facts were straight," Joe, let me tell you this: you can't have it both ways.  Failing, for example, to disprove anything I've written doesn't do anything to strengthen your cause. 

If my facts are straight, then you cannot realistically tell the world that I "wasn't right about much."

I won't bore you with the details of the effort by Boger, Rivers, Boldt, Mains and Steve Stuart to get me fired... and, well, gee, I shouldn't take THAT personally, should I?

Yes, I have an attitude toward these RINO scum.  I have an attitude against these dishonest, underhanded, backstabbing low-lifes who can get in bed with the left, and who find themselves on the outside of political power looking in without any introspection as to why that might be, whatsoever; who actually go to Lefty Lou's HOUSE to coordinate the campaign to oust conservatives and, of course, to drink his booze.

I get that you support the efforts of these slime to undermine conservatives.  I get that you support democrats and then come up with fake names for your organization in an effort to weaken the infrastructure of the local party.  I get that you guys want to be the go-too's, you want to call the shots, you want to go to the meetings and the parties and so forth.  I get all of that.

You're reduced to defending scum like Crain who are eating away at the fabric of the GOP as if she was the local democrat party chair.  You and your outfit would rather have democrats win elections than conservatives. You and your ilk attack conservatives wherever they are; for example, that moron Crain reveling in the fact that because you RINOs voted for the democrat in Pike's race because you'd rather have democrats in the seats of conservatives in government (proven by you thugs supporting an obvious leftist like my brother-in-law for county council) is some sort of justification for this takeover... because the RINOs you and Crain supported, in a district you do NOT live in, picked up the RINO vote... unless they were named Bowman or McDaniel... and just barely, that moron Blom.

The reality is not as you portray it.  The "bulk" of the GOP votes GOP.  They vote that way in spite of your efforts.... they vote that way in spite of that punk Crain's efforts... and the result is your side typically doesn't do all that well, because Crain, of course, doesn't have much to say about her endorsement of democrats, her cozy relationship with them as a moderator on the leftist C3G2 hate site, the fact that the efforts to get rid of Pike by recruiting and supporting that moron Bowman to run against Pike failed, that your efforts to run McDaniel against Mielke/Quiring failed, that your group's efforts led to a democrat majority taking over the county council who, of course, immediately set about to vote PRECISELY the same way their democrat opponents would have voted had we been fortunate enough for the current occupants to have lost.

Crain and her followers are among THE most divisive political force locally.  You and your ilk have done more damage to the GOP then the democrats.  I'm sure it pisses you all off to no end that there are more elected Republicans today in Clark County, IN SPITE OF CRAIN'S EFFORTS (And note: SHE will never be on that list) than ever in this county's history.

But your focus in your response wasn't that I'd made this up; that the goal ultimately isn't what I wrote it is (A RINO takeover of the party) but instead, you drive into your knee-jerk RINO approach of attacking me, personally, because you claim you don't happen to like how I do it.

Tough.  You fake GOP leaches have no say.  And that's what pisses you off the most. 

Please believe me when I tell you what you "think" about what I write, is the least of my concerns.

I feel fortunate that I'm able to put the truth out there about what you people are up to; that I can warn the rest of the hard-working men and women what you clowns are up to.... so they know ahead of time about the snake Trump kept referring to throughout his campaign.

Now, the people know.  And my guess is that your ilk didn't want that to happen.

Meanwhile, there's a simple solution to my approach to writing what I think while simultaneously failing to acknowledge that the majority of Republicans around here do NOT support your efforts or the efforts of any of the RINOs in the midst of their hissy fit.

If they DID support those efforts, ALL of the candidates you people ran against incumbents would have won against them... and that didn't happen.

You don't like it?

Don't read it.  Simple really. 

After all, I wouldn't want to offend your delicate sensibilities.

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