Monday, January 09, 2017

In my view: the democratian blows it again "Legislators must do whatever the Left wants."

That's not what the headline was, of course: they have lacked the testicular fortitude to say what they REALLY mean since their inception.

But let's look at what they mean when they write: "Legislators must unite."

That's all rather euphemistic.  What they MEAN is "Legislators must do whatever the left wants."

Let's look at the list of things the rag has ordered the legislators from around here to do.

1.  179th and I-5 exit.
2.  Waste taxpayer dollars on I-5 north
3.  Speed up the $100 million waste of our money on the Mill Plain and I-5 interchange.
4.  Raise taxes to scam us on McCleary
5.  Ignore your constituents and waste a few billion more on resurrecting the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Of course, the lack of "cohesion" among local legislators is blamed entirely on Benton.  He'll remain their permanent foil.

As a constituent cursed with Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers representing (if you want to call it that) me in the state senate, there's little doubt that much of, if not all of, this wish list will take place over the next two sessions.

Carefully watch those politicians who took money from the Cowlitz mafia when it comes to wasting tens of millions on north county transportation improvements for the Casino, assuming it survives the new Administration, which is certainly not guaranteed.

The reality here... that the rag has NEVER acknowledged... is that these legislators for the most part... ARE doing the will of their constitutes EVERY time they oppose the rags agenda.

You will note that nothing in this demand list rises to the level of "conservative."

There's nothing in there bout veterans, for example.  Nothing about cutting back on the size of government.

And as a legislator, it's automatically best to oppose ANYTHING McCauley wants; since if he told me it was daylight out I'd have to look for myself.

In addition to what should be the default position of any legislator in this count... opposing anything the cancer on our community wants... the need a refresher course that THEIR job is to represent US.

Not the rag.

Not the downtown mafia.

Not the Cowlitz mafia.

Not the special interests who have owned them in the past (Right, Gas Tax?)

But US.

And that's completely left out of this swindle editorial.

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