Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What's he going to do about it? So. When Trump is sworn in... He will be blamed for both the Chicago-style and all muslim inspired attacks such as Ft. Lauderdale...

We have been victimized by racial and terrorist attacks for the last 3 decades.  None of those attacks have been laid at the feet of the incompetent in the White House... ALL of those attacks will be blamed on Trump, much like all of the leftist hate crimes against Trump supporters and other whites... and the fake hate crimes leftists perpetrate against themselves blaming Trump...  have been blamed on him.

The most recent genuine hate crime (as opposed to the bogus, nonsensical fictions the lamestream media have dutifully portrayed) so thoughtfully and idiotically provided by those scum on video, included racism so vile as to be beyond belief.  But like most matters racial, the current clown  in the White House has effectively remained silent, giving his approval through his silence of every "reverse-racism" attack and cop-killing that has taken place in this country.
The left and the media, who's collusion with those who would destroy this nation is obvious and documented, will RABIDLY blame Trump for anything bad that happens... and make sure that he gets zero credit for anything worthwhile that takes place.  Think in terms of treating him the exact opposite of the way they've been wearing our kneepads in front of that moron who had the job the last 8 years.

Obama ha been abysmal failure for so many years. 

There have been a great many slaughters in this country... from a variety of sources, though primarily the attackers who've acted on behalf of the "Religion of Peace (tm)" as they shoot us, stab us, run us over and blow us up.

To the best of my knowledge, I have yet to hear that simple idiot currently in the White House get blamed for any of it.  That will soon change as Trump sets abut to clean up the mountain of both domestic and foreign policy garbage Obama has left behind... an utterly Herculean task.

In the eyes of the left and their Winged Money media, effective January 21st, any and all attacks that take place against Americans, here or abroad, by definition, will automatically be the fault of President Trump.

Which brings us to the $64,000 question: what is he gong to do about it?

First, determine what he CAN do about it.

And the options as I see them are pretty grim.

Number One:  Implement his ban of any muslims from any Middle Eastern countries immediately until such time as an effective vetting process takes place.

Number Two:  Closed down the militant muslim training camps around the country.

Number Three:   Identify and disable any militant communication of any kind, including internet.

Number Four:  Declare war on terrorist organizations and those who support them.

Number Five:  In attacking them, be as concerned about collateral damage as the terrorists themselves are.

Number Six:  Be prepared to go it alone if needs be.

There may be other options to take... but regardless, the left and the RINO ilk (McCain and Graham, for example) will crap nickels over a plan like this... without bothering to offer anything substantively different from the failed policies of the past.

We are a mess in these and other matters.  It will take decades to repair the horrific damage the vacation president has caused  us.

And meanwhile, all of the slack the media has cut Obama will disappear on January 20 when it comes to the newest occupant of the White House because that's how they roll.

Is it any wonder that Trump has... and is... using Twitter?

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