Sunday, January 08, 2017

In My View: Do better, Legislature... at ignoring the State Supreme Court.

I get that the democratian is all about jacking up taxes (of course... as long as those taxes aren't theirs... just everyone else's) to get what they want.  There's no limit to their greed and avarice when it comes to feeding their agenda... everything from economy-damaging, ever-increasing tolls to rabidly supporting the state supreme court's taxpayer extortion disguised as the McCleary decision.

And while the Legislature MUST do better... what they MUST do better at is in ignoring the Court.  Period.

There is, of course, absolutely nothing in the state constitution that gives the Court any right or duty to force the Legislature to do anything.

I've been following this issue closely for years now and the greedy leftists naturally claim that the Court HAS such a right... but none of them... NONE of them... have yet to back it up with any proof that such a right exists.

In short, the Court can no more order the Legislature to do anything than the Legislature can order the Court to rule.  In matters of legislation, the Court can do only what the Legislature ALLOWS them to do.

Legislators have legislative immunity.  They cannot be held liable, individually or as a group, for failing to act in any particular way the Court determines.

Stop and think.... THINK... for a moment: if such a right... or law... or article existed (and they don't) then where would it end?

If the Court can order the Legislature to do this... then where, precisely, would it stop?  The could, for example, order the Legislature to implement an income tax.

Theoretically, they could allow slavery and demand the legislature set up laws to regulate it.

That's an absurdity, of course... but the theory holds.  Start with McLeary... and that absolute power will corrupt absolutely.

If this decision is true, then so is it's opposite.

What do you think the democratian and all of these leftists would be babbling if, to illustrate yet another absurdity, the Court had ordered funding to be REDUCED?

Does ANYONE believe, for one minute, that any of these fringe-left whack jobs would be writing that the Legislature MUST do what the Court orders?

Of course not!  They'd be demanding that the Legislature IGNORE the court as much as the fringe-leftists were demanding that the Electoral College ignore the outcome of the election.

The rag, of course, states differently, not because they have any legal grounds to do so... but because that is the way they WANT it to be, showing once again that reality and the local cancer on our community rarely occupy the same space simultaneously.

The best thing... the ONLY thing... the Legislature should be doing concerning McCleary is to ignore the Court.  Otherwise, this massive expansion of judicial power over the legislature and, per force, over the people, has just begun... and now they won't even have to go through the smoke and mirrors of legislating from the bench, they can just order the Legislature to do whatever THEY want because there is no appeal.

And no one with a straight face can begin to show that such is what the framers of our state constitution wanted or intended.  And the rag... and the WEA and the leftists everywhere in this state damned well know it.

Yes, the people of Washington deserve better.  They deserve a Legislature with the guts to tell the Court to drop dead.

And it will be to our ever-lasting sorrow that such courage does not exist in the Capitol Building.

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