Saturday, January 07, 2017

Take-aways from Gas Tax Rivers' BG Town Hall Meeting.

First, no one is better in front of a crowd.

When she's not snarky or defensive, Gas Tax is one of the best I've ever seen in what we call "crowd  control."

Rivers flows like paint in front of a crowd.  She actually makes those there believe she listens to them... when we all know she doesn't.  More in the political realm would be well served by watching her in action.

She was there by herself.  (Neither Vick nor Pike was there.)

That said, it wasn't all sweetness and light.

The CCGOP chair showed up; my numbskull brother-in-law showed up sounding like he was on sedatives (he was much more understandable WITHOUT his new teeth) taking up time for Rivers' constituents (As county chair, Boldt has instant access to Rivers whenever he needs/wants it, taking up town hall time to babble about something no one knew or cared about was something he SHOULD have done before or particularly after the meeting.) and either the real Brent Boger (or a clone) actually showed up late... and Brent, I gotta tell you: you looked like crap.

During her mercifully short intro, she uttered the repeatedly disproven line ".... I want to use the thoughts that are on the hearts and minds of those I represent..."

Unless it's about the gas tax and tab fees, or any OTHER "business decision" that gives you self-justification to ignore us.


Maybe 25 people rolled in... Almost the entire town hall meeting that I stayed for (it went at least 90 minutes... I couldn't stand it so I left before it was over.) was filled with whining by those who have allowed themselves to become dependent on the government at some... or perhaps all... levels. 

There was, however, a certain level of legitimacy to the questions being asked by those dependent on those services... which is right where the left and the bureaucracy want us to be.

As she is a RINO, there is no doubt that Rivers was a Hillary fan.

But the long awaited demise of Obamacare DOES result in questions for the state level... and with two exceptions... the gratuitous and obligatory RINO slap at Trump... as ignorant as it was ("First it was a wall that someone else was going to pay for to a fence that we are going to pay for," which is both snarky and a lie, for example) and the idea that the Legislature MUST jump through the hoop held up by the 9 robed dwarfs across the way when they clearly do not, Rivers was on her "A" game.

Most of the crowd was of the service-recipient variety that has zero problem with other people paying for the services they use.  They saw/see their goodies that we all pay for getting taken away from them under the Trump administration.  One clearly lacking any clue (A teacher, of course) proceeded to BS the crowd by telling us how superior German, Swedish and Canadian health care was/is... and that is utter and complete nonsense.

Rivers' best efforts notwithstanding, they clung to the idea that others should be responsible for their situation... which is nonsense given that health care is NOT a "right."

A few weeks back, I had to go to the emergency room due to having an object stuck in my throat.  The fire department sent me to Legacy via ambulance so I could sit in their ER for 6 hours, get two worthless sets of X Rays that showed nothing and then, finally, get an ENT to check me out and remove the article (Part of a toothpick buried in a sandwich) from my throat.

The cost for those 9 hours?

Around $20,000.

Until costs like that are addressed, "fixing" insurance is a fool's errand.

It took a great deal of my self control to avoid blurting out the obvious answer to those with this attitude about health care... much like those leftists who claim they were leaving the country if Trump were elected: if other countries are so superior in the ways that matter so much to these people... what's keeping them from leaving here and going to their utopia?

I expect that using the McLeary "justification," the GOP-controlled state senate will double down and hammer us with yet MORE tax increases beyond their rape of the consumer on gas taxes and tab fees... which was mighty "Republican" of them... and on top of that, Rivers indicated that as a part of bending us over for McCleary, they intend to STILL rip us off with school levies... you know, the very thing McCleary says we're not supposed to use?

That way, everyone wins, except, of course, the taxpayers... the teachers get to continue to scam us...(Rivers indicated that starting teacher pay should be a horrifically high $45,000 or so... and no, I didn't hear a word about anything concerning teacher accountability) the education plant can continue to rip us off... and "solving" this situation means that there will be little noticeable impact on those of us paying the bill... except for both the stiff tax increases coming our way AND the ability to jack our property taxes up even MORE with additional school levies.

Just something else to prepare our wallets to get raped over, no doubt.

All in all, it was about what I expected.  She really didn't ask us what we wanted because she wouldn't work for it anyway, so why bother?  The meeting was dominated by a group of 5 or 6 people who refused to acknowledge reality, but that's not altogether unusual.

She has assumed the chairmanship of the Senate Health Care Committee, no doubt for the campaign donations that will result.  But the rest of it is mind-numbing, insurance-policy language work and lobbyists kissing her... ring... to get what they want at a HUGE cost to us... work that will be interspersed with leftist whining and sniveling to grow government, raise our taxes and make our lives that much more of a serfdom for government.

The question is not IF Rivers will sell us out... that she will is a certainty.

The question is how much it will cost when she does... because her gas tax scam alone has put it in the hundreds for just my family this year... with more to come, no doubt.

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