Thursday, December 08, 2016

Now that Boldt has been everything I said he would be, who's responsible?

When the local RINO contingent abandoned conservatives in favor of my psychotic leftist brother-in-law for County Chair, I made it clear that they would be equal responsibility for what Boldt did, good or bad.

I'm not politically prescient, but it wasn't like I didn't see this coming:
From David Madore on facebook:
Marc Boldt, Jeanne Stewart, and Julie Olson rubber stamped the staff’s budget today to discontinue the free use of our parks, raise every citizen's property tax rate by an additional 1%, add new debt, cut the sheriff’s funding below what the sheriff stated he needed, and outvoted the council minority in two dozen other ways.
On December 26th of last year, I wrote:
Saturday, December 26, 2015 
The Boldt Blight to descend on Clark County.
Yes, soon the local version of Lenin will get the job his puppet masters have wanted him to take back for so long. 
And what are his marching orders? 
To undo everything the conservative majority has done to turn this county into an economic power house. 
That means immediately increasing taxes. 
That means immediately increasing fees. 
That means immediately increasing regulations. 
That means an immediate, huge step backwards for the entirety of this county.
But then, someone much brighter than I once said two things of note: 
"We have the government we deserve," and "voters have the attention span of a gnat." 
Yes, Clark County now has the leprosy of a scam charter that was lied into existence by none other than this self-same Boldt and his leftist buddies.
There's more.

On the part of my embarrassment of a brother-in-law, quoted in the daily democrat, he stupidly said:
Wednesday’s meeting reminded Boldt of his days of crafting budgets as a state legislator, he said. 
“If you’re in the majority, you do the budget,” Boldt said. “If you’re in the minority, you make the majority look bad.”

No.... You had no difficulty making yourself look like a blithering, leftist idiot... without ANYONE's help.  Further, you played, essentially, zero part in "crafting budgets."

I worked as your legislative staffer for 6 years in Olympia, and you don't even bear a remote resemblance to the conservative representative of the people you were then.  Now, you only represent the special interests who own you like they have a receipt for you and the 13th Amendment was never passed.

You have done and are doing everything I knew you would... everything I told people you would, and frankly, I'm ashamed I ever worked for you or, for that matter, am related to you in any way or, taking it a step further, even know you.

So, every single person who supported my nimrod brother-in-law is responsible.  Brent Boger. Carolyn Crain.  Ann Donnelly, and the others... Every RINO who tried to convince us that Boldt was STILL a Republican... STILL a conservative... and that the Marc Boldt who actually was a conservative Republican in the House of Representatives... was going to be resurrected as county chair.

I knew that was (and is) a lie because I know him politically and professionally better than anyone alive.

And now... now?

What's their excuse?  What do these morons tell us?  Are they satisfied, now?  Do they get that they were lying to us wholesale, precisely like I said they were?

Boldt has done everything I SAID he was going to do... just like I said he was going to do it.

We might as well have a democrat-controlled council because the 3 Stooges vote PRECISELY like their democrat opponents would have, had they been elected.

And the morons who put him there are the ones responsible for the leveraging of even more money out of our wallets and our families.

It's thanks to them.

And I hope they choke on it.

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