Thursday, December 08, 2016

The RINO silence on Boldt is deafening.

There's a reason a leftist like Jim Mans worked to get Boldt elected.  It was confirmed yesterday when the 3 Stooges voted to raise our taxes the maximum amount, raise additional taxes for parks, reinstate the park fees AND undercut the Sheriff's budget by a paltry $2 million.

It has been my contention all along that there was exactly zero difference between Boldt and the democrat he was running against.... had Boldt lost, at least we'd know why Dalesandro was going to do this before he got the gig, much like I knew Boldt would do all of these things: he was, after all, a pure leftist who would sell his kids to get elected so he could max out his pension.

And, given the action of the other two leftists, Stewart and Olson, who also voted like they had Steve Stuart's hand up their backs, is it any wonder that the 3 Stooges sobriquet fits so well?

Meanwhile, those who supported my nimrod brother-in-law INSISTED that he was a REPUBLICAN.  Crain, for example, went so far as to point out that Boldt was a GOP PCO, leaving out the fact that he had failed to engage in any PCO meeting or function for the prior FOUR YEARS.

These people... these Wilsons, these Crains, these Bogers, these BIA clowns... were ALL warned that this is how it was going to turn out.

And these same clowns ALL bear responsibility for the monster they helped to create.

But their hatred for conservatives overrode any desire to reflect the will of the people... and 61% of the voters DID NOT WANT BOLDT RUNNING THE SHOW.

And now, we all suffer.  Now, we all feel the pain of the hatred they feel.

And now... these clowns are silent.

Because... what can they say?

I'd really love to know.  I'd really like to hear from them: could they not see this was going to happen?  Could they not see that Boldt would inflict this pain on us all?

Why didn't it matter to them?

I'd really like to know.

But they don't seem to be talking.


I wonder why.

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