Thursday, December 08, 2016

Outcome: Public Disclosure Commission v. Rivers

For whatever the reason, the hearing started at 12:30, even though it was scheduled for 1:00 pm.

Rivers faced a hearing concerning overstating her campaign funding by $182,000.

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Here's the outcome:

Rivers PDC Scam: fined $4000, $3000 suspended.

Rivers' position, which is false, was the claim, effectively, that "she didn't know" when clearly she DID know, but they bought it anyway.

The idea that politicians who control their campaign check books cannot know that the balance showing in their PDC filings is $182,000 over the actual amount for a YEAR is absurd.

Still, a $1000 fine and a little public humiliation is a good thing for the Dragon Lady.

Next time.... keep your word.

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Kirk VanGelder said...

Thanks for following this...I agree, she knew at it, and lied....At least this is now a historical fact and she can't do it again and use the same we can hold her accountable in the future.