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No introspection from Crain: "What are you doing here?"

As readers know by now, Carolyn Crain seems to think herself to be perfect in the world of politics.

Knows all.  Sees all. Controls all.

None of it's true, as her humiliation at the local GOP reorg showed.  It will be a humiliation that will be talked about for decades.

Anyhow, long time readers know that I and a select few others are banned from posting on the local C3G2 democrat hate site.

Being a RINO who endorsed the democrat owner of the C3G2 hate group page; one Chuckie Green, when he ran against fellow leftist Julie Olson for a seat on the county council so he could shift from Chuckie Green (D) to Chuckie Green (CTran Lackey.)  As a result of her endorsement, Crain was given Admin abilities on the page.

Crain, who despises anyone to the right of Obama, whined about getting her political ass handed to her in a basket at the reorg, both by shooting off her pie hole to the democratian AND, of course, sniveling on the hate page.

Not to be outdone, Frank Decker showed up on the page for a bit of interaction.  Crain exploded.

In a controlled, cold-fusion kind of way.

Meanwhile, Chuckie furthers the obviously bogus C3G2 lie that your politics don't determine your ability to post.

Chuck Green
Chuck Green C3G2 does not discriminate membership on the basis of political views, and we actually encourage diversity of opinions while promoting civil discourse. It may be surprising to some, but there have been pro-Madore members from time to time.

I've been 
monitoring the discussions involving Frank and Tom. I can't speak for what might be happening on other sites, but on C3G2, they've complied with our standards of engagement.

I do want to give a word of caution: some of the back and forth comments have been more about airing political laundry, which may become useful to possible opponents in the 2018 partisan elections.
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That's completely bogus, of course: there's a list of people not allowed to post on this page; has been almost from the start of the page itself:

From the C3G2 meeting minutes of 14 Jun 14:
 Reminder that Madore, Kelly Hinton, Lew Waters and others read the C3G2 page –everything is public. We do restrict who can post to keep things sane (only C3G2 members can post; membership requests are screened). 
Thus, the claim they "encourage diversity of opinions" is a much a lie as Crain's incessant claim that she did not, in fact, endorse Chuckie Green over Julie Olson in the 2015 election:

Screen capture of Crain's endorsement of Chuckie 

 All of that is to set up this:

Crain proceeds to whine that Tom Decker is now a member and posting on C3G2.  It appears that Decker's mission is to reinforce what a complete and utter buffoon Crain made of herself at the latest local GOP reorg meeting.

Crain babbles:

Interesting turn of membership here... now we have Tom and Frank? Two people who would thoroughly chastise me for communicating with everybody on this site. Wow!

Gee.  I'm not sure that such an observation falls under the broad heading of "encouraging a diversity of opinions."

Crain, being Crain, is unwilling to let Green bail her out from site hypocrisy:

Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Yes we have I am just wondering personally why two people who have perpetually trash talked the members of this site are suddenly members. I appreciate civil dialogue so much which is why I value this page. I hope the motives are pure and clear towards that goal for these new members.
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The obvious answer?

None of your business.  Given Crain's motives in attempting to destroy the local GOP, she's hardly in a position to question anyone else's.  Presumably, Crain doesn't have the real ability to make any decisions on this democrat-controlled and operated board; Green had spoken... SHUT UP.

Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Frank is a former PCO and former candidate for the Vancouver City Council. He ran against Anne McEnerny-Ogle. He resigned as pco when he sent out a late night threatening email to dozens of pco members / other people. I am not sure why all of a suddenhe is here but certainly hope as I said that it is to engage in civil debate surrounding issues. I opened this can of worms I am sure by posting my blurp about the partisan Republican County party on Saturday. My bad. I don't usually go there and neither does this page. I hope I didn't mess with successful issue based info sharing here.
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This is just a tiny snapshot of the Crain mindset.  Don't agree with me?  See what happens.

Decker, for his part, took the opportunity to tell the OTHER side of the story Crain posted to set the record straight on what REALLY happened at the meeting... and, as you might expect, Crain didn't like that one bit.
It was my honor to attend the Clark County Republican Party reorganization meeting this past Saturday as a guest. The meeting was well run and everything proceeded with absolute civility. There was robust debate on several by-laws amendments. I was especially encouraged by the collaboration between Carolyn Crain and newly elected State Committeeman Joe Wagner to get a new by-law amendment passed that sets the primary purpose for the county party as “The primary purpose of this organization is to elect Republicans who support our Core Principles and Party Platform to public office.”
Kenny Smith exits the Chairman position having led the county party over the last 3+ years with documented success. Under his superb and tireless leadership, the party has raised more money for Republican candidates than any other board of leaders. He has also masterfully lead the PCO’s to create a set of grassroots grounded party by-laws that ensure the power of the party is truly in the hands of the Central Committee and not in the hands of a small cabal of Orwellian leaders. Kenny has transformed the way the party communicates with Republican voters and has made transparency a standard rather than something people talk about or hope for from party leadership. What a wonderful job Kenny has done working for the betterment of the party and loving each and every member regardless of differences of opinions.
Christian Berrigan also exits the party as State Committeeman. As a brilliant strategist, innovator, and thinker, he has revolutionized the way the party analyzes and uses voter data. In his 4 years in leadership with the party, Christian has brought the party into the 21st century with the use of technology for canvasing, call center organization for GOTV efforts, and advertising in a digital, social-media political environment. His tireless efforts and personal sacrifice have been directly responsible for the success of many local Republican candidates.
Katja Delevar thankfully won re-election to the State Committeewoman position. Along with doing an outstanding job at the state level and earning a spot on the State Party Executive Board, Katja works tirelessly for the county party taking the lead on everything from event planning to organizing exceptionally successful Lincoln Day Dinners. Her personal sacrifices of time and energy for the party are both admirable and inspiring.
It was so refreshing to see at this meeting the majority of the PCO’s proudly supporting the positive reforms instituted over the last 4 years and recognizing the incredible work and sacrifice of these three wonderful people.

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Talk about sticking a shiv in Crain's political ribs and twisting it.

Crain, for her part, vaporlocked, leading to this exchange:

Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain I did not collaborate with Joseph Wagner. He was silly in suggesting something that was already in writing. Moot point no arguement.[sic]
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Frank Decker
Frank Decker I suppose I could have misinterpreted what happened, but I don't think so. The commonly understood definition of 'collaborate' is: "work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something."

Your original amendment submission was "The p
rimary purpose of this organization is to elect Republicans to public office.” Joe Wagner's amendment to your amendment was to add the 8 words: "who support our Core Principles and Party Platform”. Your amended amendment passed with an overwhelming majority. What a great example of collaboration to pass a by-laws amendment that makes sense. Congrats on your efforts. This is a great by-law. Bi-partisanship in action.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain You left off half the amendment. It also said in addition to the below listed items which included the core principles. It was already in the amendment! His point was moot.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Why are you here?
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Frank Decker
Frank Decker My apologies, I don't understand the question.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain This site has been bashed by Madore and all the Berrigan / alt right people for three years as being liberal progressive brownshirts etc... All of which has been untrue but I find it interesting that you and Tom have all of a sudden decided to join the...See More
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Frank Decker
Frank Decker Well, I've only been in this group for less than 48 hours. I've only made one post. I haven't 'trash tsalked'[sic] anyone here. But directly to your question, I am a citizen of Clark County and I most definitely believe in and support good governance. Are there other requirements that I have not yet met? I was approved to join the group.
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Frank Decker
Frank Decker And I was just giving you the recognition you deserve in my post. I mean, you are the co-author of what is now the official primary purpose of the Clark County Republican Party. I absolutely support that primary purpose. I also believe in giving credit where credit it due. Nicely done.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain Frank Decker I wrote it. It was not co-authored by anyone and thank you. I am not suggesting that you trashed anyone on this page. nice dodge though. Ok so if you are going to be here please be aware we are an open minded group of people who generally get along while civilly debating our points of view. We are not tied, bound and gagged by the far extremes in either party. We expect civil discourse.
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Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain By the way you and I thoroughly disagree on the current direction of the county party and this is not the county party page. I am only hoping that David can bring a level headed direction back to what was a Republican party prior to the Libertarian takeover. Remind me why you resigned as a Republican PCO? Other than that I do not wish to discuss this anymore on this page.
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By making a complete and utter, arrogant narcisstic ass of herself, Crain has to remind Decker to be what she, Crain, is not:  a practitioner of "civil discourse."

Hypocrite, much, Crain?

Of COURSE when someone with the rest of the facts shows up, Crain doesn't want to "discuss" it anymore on this page.

"Why are you here?"  Who are you to ask that?  Why does it matter?  Why does anyone have to justify anything to you?

After all, what Crain wrote had initially happened at the reorg was:
This post is partisan so if you all don't want to read it I totally understand. 
Today the Clark County Republican PCO's failed to show up in enough force to take our party back. Missing 20 people we only passed my amendment to the Primary Purpose clause... 
They passed a horrid amendment to the vetting of candidates. They also gained all the seats and the party is even more in control of the Libertarian faction than we were before. Three years of hard work all for naught because people didn't come to the most important meeting of the next two years.
I am soooooo frustrated.
Signing off on this battle and ready to just do Christmas, donations, and frankly be happy something is going right!

Well, now, that's not EXACTLY what happened, now is it, Carolyn?

All of which begs the question:  Why would a "Republican" like Crain be over there whining about internal party business at all?

Why was any of this anyone's business, particularly this leftist hate group's?

And Carolyn, seriously: if you want to know why nothing you do works out... why you can't persuade your multiple enemies that you are right and they are wrong.... keep rereading this post until you figure it out.

Of course, when you start at a baseline of being as Republican as my spaniels... maybe that's enough.

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