Tuesday, December 06, 2016

(Merkel to ban the Burqa) Germany's own clueless moron leader: having allowed a million muslim refugees to rape and pillage her country...

.... in an obvious election ploy... the biggest idiot to hold the leadership of any European country in decades... is suddenly trying to reverse her positions on the muslim onslaught.

Angela Merkel is Germany's chancellor, the equivalence of a prime minister, more or less... and she is single-handily responsible for the complete and utter debacle of the muslim refugee invasion of Europe.

The German people have suffered at a particularly horrendous rate, with, for example, thousands of cases of rape and assault that have been a direct result of the damage this moron has allowed to her OWN COUNTRY.

The people of Europe generally and Germany in particular, have had enough.  Merkel's party, the CDU (Christian Democrat Union, a typical RINO variety party described as "the major catch-all party of the Centre-right in German politics," they have a great deal in common with our fake Republicans around here...) is getting killed in elections across the country as the people are rising up to hold those who enabled this debacle to be held accountable for their stupidity.

Like Obama, Merkel didn't care about background checks or that many more military age males than females and children were being dumped into Europe... many acknowledged as ISIS sympathizers and operators... causing a tremendous load on government social, education and law enforcement services and naturally, forcing already horrific taxes to skyrocket.

So, instead of implementing policies to reverse the damage her stupidity caused... what does this idiot do?

She "calls" for a burqa ban, claiming that "the full veil is not appropriate here and should be banned."

Both France and Belgium have implemented such a ban... which did nothing to save the French President (Hollande's) skin after the dual massacres at the Bataclan in Paris and at the seaside resort town of Nice... as well as the other massacres and attempted massacres on his watch.


Actually, since this is the 21st century, this sign of 7th century thinking should be banned EVERYWHERE, INCLUDING HERE... but the reality is that Merkel's suggestion is not unlike watching a heated discussion about the china pattern in 2nd class on the Titanic, after everyone looked around when the felt the ship hit the iceberg and say to each other.... "what was that?"

Europe is in serious trouble.  They have no idea how bad.

At least with our illegal alien invasion, orchestrated by the simple idiot we have in the White House for the next few weeks, those that clown have let in are not particularly interested in slaughtering you if you're gay, or Christian, or a female wearing a swim suit.

The people of Germany  and other countries are looking at Trump-like change in response to this utterly clueless woman's incompetence.  And her late effort at pandering... not unlike putting a new coat of paint on a sinking ship... is likely not going to work.

The effort isn't even subtle.  And it has accelerated rightest politics geometrically across the western world.


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