Monday, December 05, 2016

The cancer of Carolyn Crain: summed up in a single article - whining to her leftist media buddies.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've documented how the RINO clique has been conspiring to turn the local GOP into democrat-lite.

Those involved in this.... the Crains, the Bogers, the Rivers, the Wilsons, the Harrises, the Bloms, the McDaniels and the like either can't figure out or simply don't care how the left are playing them by using them to launder THEIR money and THEIR politics into becoming utter and complete tools.

Make no mistake about it: Carolyn Crain's hatred of the current local GOP regime is the stuff of legends.

(UPDATE:  I am reliably informed that characterization of this aspect of the situation is in error.

I never intentionally write something that I know to be incorrect.  This was my understanding of the situation which appears to be factually incorrect.  I regret making the error and apologize for any misunderstanding on my part.

The basis for her hatred goes back to the local party doing the smart thing and endorsing Lisa Ross as the GOP candidate running in the 49th for the House, instead of Crain.  That was back in '14... and Crain flipped out... and she has been plotting her revenge ever since:)

There is nothing she won't say or do, no lie she won't use... such as the lie that ANYONE is paying me ANYTHING to write ANYTHING in this blog... EVER.  From an email she sent out whining about efforts to expose her recently:
Obviously being a Republican is a dilemma for the board so they have resorted to having KJ write their trash and he is paid to do it!
That's the democrat Jim Mains influence again.

See, when I opposed my psychotic brother-in-law's reelection as a count commissioner back in '12, Mains, who was running Boldt's campaign even then, started spreading the false rumor that I was being PAID by Madore to write against my own family member... because the idea that I could oppose Boldt for being a dangerously out of touch, pro-CRC, anti-Republican leftist (Who was, after all, endorsed by the Young Democrats in his last council election)... that like Mains, my loyalties and principles could be BOUGHT by the highest bidder and that my positions could ONLY be accomplished by cash... that, like Mains, I was for sale... was all he could come up with.

Same with Crain, I suppose.  The idea that I hammer on this fake like a nail in her world can ONLY be because I am getting paid, and NOT because I see her as being dangerous, a liar, and completely hate driven in her politics... as well as being a useful tool for her leftist buddies... not unlike those populating the hate site, C3G2, that her fellow leftist Chuckie Green made her an admin for...

She made it her mission to destroy everyone involved in keeping her from her goal (which, fortunately, consists for being embarrassed at the polls election after election) and the end result has been to assist in every democrat plan and idea possible to make sure that the democrats, at some point, regain outright control of this county instead of the underhanded control they have now, with 4 democrats elected to the council out of the 5 seats available.

The results:

The Charter?  Check.
Electing my nutjob brother-in-law as county chair, democrat Marc Boldt?  Check.
Our taxes and fees going up as a result?  Check.
Endorsing a fellow democrat in the dual-democrat election for county council (Chuckie Green?)  Check.
Making up her own fake Republican organization?  Check.
Whining to the cancer on our community also known as the democratian every chance she gets?  Check?
Acting like a psycho at every PCO meeting with her playground tantrums?  Check.
Lying about those who oppose her politically? Check.

The list goes on and on.

In looking for a way to describe the effort Crain has engaged in, this excerpt from the daily democrat's article on the RINO effort to take over... which blew up so nicely in their face... immediately surfaced:
Carolyn Crain, one of the key players involved in trying to elect more moderate Republicans to the board, said not enough people attended Saturday’s meeting to complete the overhaul attempt.
“For serious Republicans to regain control of their own party, the meeting where everyone has to make that happen was (Saturday), and 20 of our people didn’t show up,” she said of the precinct committee officers, who cast votes for the new board members.
Crain said she’s hopeful Gellatly can guide the party to more steady times.
“The new chair is a nice guy,” she said. “He doesn’t strike me as being libertarian, but he may be the only one on the board that isn’t.”
She voiced concerns about Joseph Wagner, who was elected as state committeeman.
In her arrogance and narcissism, one can only BE a "serious Republican" if one agrees with her. How does this do anything but continue to show Crain as a vindictive cow?

She's babbling like a metro-sexual crying over Hillary's loss in the general.

She makes allegations that are completely untrue.  She attacks those who oppose her.  She attempts to bludgeon those who disagree.  In short, she's acting like a staffer on the Hillary campaign who simply CANNOT understand how they lost.

Do you not care that these people are laughing at you, because they KNOW that they can count on this moron to do and say things damaging to the Republican Party?

Here's a memo:  YOU NEVER HAD A CHANCE.  THEY DIDN'T SHOW UP FOR A REASON.  If they existed at all (some losers write their own excuses) they didn't show up because your organizational/leadership skills SUCK.

If there ever WAS "20" ready to vote your way.

And the irony of all of this is that had the Crain/Boger RINO Clique been successful, they would NOW be calling for "party unity."

The local GOP ain't the democrats.  The local democrats are as pathetic politically as anything I've ever seen.  It's to the local GOP's best interests to be as far from that as possible.  Crain, as I pointed out earlier, acts like a muslim refugee, demanding that we implement sharia law because SHE is HERE.

Well, there's simple solution, Crain... Boger... and all the rest of you:

Quit screwing around and switch parties.

That's right: your "democrat wrecking ball" act has worn thin.

Are people (like me) MORE likely or LESS likely to agree with your positions if you bludgeon them?

Memo to Crain: politics is the art of persuasion.  You want people to do what you want them to do?

You want to be elected to anything?

Then settle on the war of intellect.  Stop believing that if you act like Howard Dean, you're going to get anything but the Howard Dean result.

End your jihad.  Battle this out on the playing field of ideas.  ACCEPT that your ideas run counter to the average Republican in this county.  Understand that defeat is a part of any battle.

Play it straight.  Stop attacking individual motivations.  Stop lying about people.

If you want to be effective in the GOP, stop allowing your fellow leftists to own you like the 13th Amendment never existed.  Move beyond your hatred.  Start THINKING; stop feeling.
Perhaps it's just time for you to go away.  I'm pretty sure the GOP will muddle along quite nicely without you... and who knows: maybe as a democrat, you actually COULD win in the 49th.

Because you'll never win anywhere as a Republican like this.

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