Sunday, November 08, 2015

The curse of incrementalism: what is this country becoming?


Seattle Pacific University refuses to allow the Posting of the Colors or the Flag Salute as a part of their Veteran's Day observations.

It might "offend."

It might make "...some people 'uncomfortable.'"

The Vancouver Veteran's Day Parade has become a shill for local fringe-left politicians and political causes.

Pat Jollata as Grand Marshal?

Did she serve in the military?


Then why is she anything in a Veteran's Day Parade?

Why are the fringe-left whack jobs going to try and make their presence felt there as they gather signatures to do something totally unconstitutional (I-735) by attempting to break the rules, march in the allegedly for-veteran's parade to get signatures?

Is that what this is all about?  An opportunity to make sure that the tiny few won't be butthurt by this remembrance?

Just heard of a child... a 1st grader... suspended for 3 days at his elementary school for PRETENDING, with an imaginary bow and arrow, to "shoot" a classmate.

Tens of millions will be wasted bringing terrorist "refugees" into this country while veterans are homeless and need all kinds and descriptions of help that we do not provider because, among other reasons, we can't afford it.

We allow millions of illegal aliens here... many are criminals... not because they are here illegally... but because they are killing us, robbing us, raping us, drugging us.  This is here.  This is now.  These are illegal aliens.

At the local level, we elect and re-elect those who lied to us in the first place to GET elected... Like the County Clerk, Scott Weber; and my own State Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers... while other elected officials like Battle Ground City Councilman Philip Johnson chastise those of us who object because of our reliance on "lofty ideals," like, for example, telling the truth.

We are forced to by astoundingly expensive health care insurance that has dramatically reduced my wife's coverage with ever-increasing premiums and high and higher deductibles while the Congress does nothing.

Muslims are killing us here at home at a faster and faster rate while we do nothing.  The fake #blacklivesmatter thugs and terrorists, given "room to riot" by scum like the mayor of Baltimore kill our police (regardless of color) and kill us BECAUSE of color.  And that coward of a president won't even talk about it.

Build a fake bomb disguised as a clock and you get invited to the White House.

Your husband or wife gets murdered because they wear a badge, your soldier or Marine husband or wife gets killed because of a hopelessly inept strategy by a clueless Commander and Chief... and, well, there's golf to play.

We pile up more and more debt at the federal level as Congress sells us out... a Congress controlled by the GOP who is, as I recall, not SUPPOSED to be "democrat lite."

Our military and our capabilities get smaller and smaller while our enemies increase both their size and their arrogance, with the Chinese building islands off the coast of the Philippines and the Russians invade Georgia and the Ukraine while we just sit on our hands.

ISIS has billions we've given them, additional billions in military equipment and an area bigger than several states in the Middle East because that moron in the White House let it happen.

In so many ways... from the small to the huge, the creep of cancer is turning us into... what, exactly?

What are we to become, as whatever this is gathers speed until we cannot undo it?  What are we to leave our follow-on generations?

What is to happen to this "bright, shining city on a hill" that people risk their lives to come here illegally every day?

How much longer is it until those people are Americans leaving here to go to Canada or Mexico illegally?

By the millions?

What is happening to us?  Why are we allowing it?  What can we do?

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