Saturday, November 07, 2015

Why congressional endorsements for president are meaningless to me.

If I'm running for anything, there's a variety of endorsements I wouldn't want or accept as a conservative.

Locally, for example, the neo-communist Young Democrats, who endorsed my fake conservative brother-in-law come to mind.

But nationally, the last person I'd want to endorse me is a member of the utterly worthless, utterly clueless, RINO-led Congress that has done and is doing such a great job of raping this country into debt as they cave, over and over and over and over to the moron in the White House.

"Endorsements," such as they are, represent an elimination of thought and responsibility on the part of the voter.

The 5 RINOs who endorsed the democrat who now is going to be the county chair come to mind... the drones who couldn't think for themselves on a bet went along with their program to our detriment because these clowns were in a huff over the current leadership of the local GOP.

Gotta wonder: how would they be reacting if the shoe was on the other foot; and they were in charge and their was a large group of Republicans who turned on them?

The pendulum do swing, don't it?

Meanwhile, RINO Rubio has apparently lined up every person who even works in Congress to endorse him.

As if that was a good thing.

No one who wants to be president should voluntarily carry the weight of an anchor like Congress around his own neck.

Rubio is a case in point.

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