Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why I would vote FOR Candy Bonneville.

Truth, you see, is non-partisan.

This is the comment I left under the Candy Bonneville profile on the reflector.
Here's the thing: I'm very big on campaign promises being kept. Mr. Johnson? 
Not so much. 
We have been betrayed by our State Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers who ran on the dual campaign promises of opposing any gas tax increase and any tab fee increase back in 2012. 
In the most recent session, she not only supported those tax increases, yoking this county with a $700 million debt that makes the CRC waste of $200 million look like a fender-bender in comparison. 
I have worked with and supported Sen. Rivers for the past 10 years. But her betrayal of her written campaign promise broke that relationship permanently. 
Mr. Johnson publicly supported that betrayal because the city of Battle Ground made bank off Rivers' efforts. Further, he also publicly attacked my opposition to Rivers' betrayal claiming that campaign promises are, in fact, to be ignored as nothing more than "lofty ideals." 
There was more, of course. But he made his position clear. I wondered about that until it was revealed that Johnson was JUST like Rivers; that when HE was elected, he quite apparently ran on a platform similar to Rivers', in that Johnson ALSO promised to oppose tax increases, only to shatter that promise in both at least November and December 2014. 
No WONDER he so rabidly supports Rivers' betrayal of her district! 
I disagree with Bonneville's politics. Always have. 
But I will never vote for someone who lied to get elected. 
The rule I live by is simple: if you have to lie to get your candidate elected, your initiative passed or your project built, then you candidate shouldn't BE elected, your initiative should NOT pass and your project shouldn't BE built. 
I would vote for Bonneville because Johnson simply cannot be trusted. If he lied to get elected as he apparently did, then what else is he going to lie about? 
I would rather have a genuine democrat holding office who lives what she believes, even if I disagree with what she believes. 
For me, that is better than the alternative.


Retired BG citizen said...

Highly agreed Mr. Hinton. After reading your last exchange, you should expect that Mr. P. Johnson aka "nightwatchman" of the city, will compare you to a "tick on a dog's scrotum" as he so elegantly stated. I recently moved away from BG, but I would not vote for a politician like that who hides behind words, promises, and his military background just to turn around and lie.

Just a guy said...

Exactly. I'll settle for a truthful politician over someone who lied to get elected any time.