Friday, August 21, 2015

So, where's the democratian's concern about teacher effectiveness?

Since McCleary oozed out of the Den of Inequity known as our State Supreme Court, the rag has been one of the biggest cheerleaders, even repeatedly suggesting that the Court can do a great many stupid things that it has zero power to do, including arresting legislators.

But then, that's the kind of idiocy we're used to from the "cancer on our community."

Even after acknowledging the truth of the matter as expressed by that same gang of lunatics, specifically:
"We offer no opinion on whether full state funding of basic education salaries must be accompanied by levy reform ..."
That doesn't stop the moron who wrote this from providing his own position, and then demanding that the legislature implement it as he sees it.


First, the emphasis on money certainly overlooks the most important element of education: the competence of the teacher in the classroom.

As I've shown, money has, effectively, zero impact on outcomes.

I get that the left wants to link money to outcomes in places where we lack the basic experience of, say, Baltimore; a city with among the very highest number of dollars per student ($18,000+) with among the very, absolute worst outcomes as delineated here:
Let's see what "significant gains" looks like, shall we? 
The percentage of eighth-graders reading at proficient levels was 16 percent, but the city noted a 6-point increase in their average reading scores — one of the most significant increases of all the cities. The number of eighth-graders scoring proficient in reading trailed the state by 26 percentage points.
So, the "significant gain" was from the unimaginably horrifically bad to the level of unspeakably awful.  And there's more: 
In math, 19 percent of fourth-graders scored proficient this year and 13 percent of eighth-graders did. The comparison to 2011 scores was deemed not statistically significant.
And while average fourth-grade reading scores rose by 4 points from 2011, only 14 percent of those students were considered proficient in reading.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is with a teacher-student ratio of 15.75 students to 1 teacher.

Money, then, clearly has nothing to do with the outcomes; for if it did, every one of these kids would be a PhD.

But those whining about money offer no other place to look.

Teacher competence?

Teacher testing?

Teacher expertise?

Teacher responsibility?

Forget about it.

You know, if the teacher's unions were eliminated, I might take a different view.

But rumbling in the background, according to the union scum of the Camas Education Association, these scum are planing a statewide strike if they don't get what they want, when and how they want it.

Teacher strikes are illegal, of course; but these scum have no problem breaking the law and abandoning their charges in the classroom for higher pay (and that's what all of this is about: more extortion money for these teachers); further, the scum running the union even went so far as to remind the teachers tbat they'll continue to get paid even if they go out on strike.
Because a strike would take place beginning on the first student day of the new (2015-16) school year, all CEA members would continue to draw pay, although the source of that pay would be dependent upon the length of the collective action. Also, since this action would take place in the new school year, in accordance with our by-laws, the CEA. 
Yet, even though the word is out there, where's the fire and damnation by the rag aimed at these despicable slime who would do this?

In fact, where's the call for teacher accountability that should accompany ANY discussion of education dollars?


Teacher accountability is the Gordian Knot.  If those whining about money spent half as much time addressing that issue as they do money, imagine the positive changes that could be made that actually WOULD make a difference in the outcomes, instead of that legal voodoo the leftists in Olympia are counting on, ultimately, to take yet another run at jamming an income tax down our throats as a way to pry even MORE money out of OUR wallets and directly into the wallets of those who own them.

Al Capone would approve.

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