Friday, August 21, 2015

GOP State Senate to State Supreme Court on McCleary: Drop dead.

I admit it: this caught me totally by surprise.

I never believed the State Senate would get up off their collective butts and tell the State Supreme Court to get stuffed.

From Lew Waters' Clark County Conservative.
Senate Majority Caucus Fights Back
by lewwaters
Copy of a letter received today and issued by the Republican Senate Majority Caucus in Washington State. 
Majority Caucus Letter to Legislature, Aug 21, 2015 (pdf file) 
About time somebody fired back at the out of control judicial activism in the state!
After the gas tax debacle, I was sure the State Senate could be manipulated into caving on this as much as they did that horrific mistake.

THIS is the stand the Senate SHOULD have taken from the start.

Their letter even addresses it:

Our purpose in taking these actions was to avoid a direct confrontation with the court and a constitutional crisis. However, in light of the court's most recent order, it appears that this forbearance was misinterpreted as weakness or acquiescence to the court's actions. 

That's EXACTLY what failing to respond in this way was "interpreted."

How else COULD it have been "interpreted?"

What did you expect?

How does caving to a bully cause the bully to be less inclined to engages in acts of bullying?

For finally doing what should have been done the day after McCleary was published, the GOP Senate, which has failed in so many other areas because of a lack of guts, gets my congratulations.

Even Gas Tax Rivers, my Senator, sign this letter.  Who knew?

For failing to have done this when it needed to be?

Well, you decide.

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Lew Waters said...

It will be curious to see how the House responds or if they keep going along with the court in order to impose an income tax on us, as they have wanted to do for many years now.