Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Black on black murder" an essay by Peggy Hubbard; a video in 6:16 (Language warning)

This woman says what needs to be said:

The rest of the world doesn't believe that black lives matter... and won't... until blacks believe it themselves.

Why should we care?  They don't.

In my line of work, I learned early on that I simply could not care more than the client.

In this case, the clients are the black thugs, the black drop outs, the black race baiters and those who view self responsibility as arcane a subject as Sanskrit.. and they simply cannot seem to grasp the concept that they are the captains of their fate... when they succeed, it's their doing... and when they fail, it's their doing.

Mrs. Hubbard explains it.  And she uses words that you might not like.

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