Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wow: the teacher's union scum are threatening to go on strike.

Here's the garbage they spewed on their little propaganda mill:

Camas Education Association Members

The following announcement is informational only; at this point, no decisions have been made.Any collective action would require a vote of the General Membership, and would take place as described below, in accordance with our CEA By-Laws.

On August 13th, the Washington Education Association Presidents will meet at the Lake Washington offices. This meeting will take place in accordance with New Business Item 18, which is pasted at the bottom of this email and which was approved nearly unanimously at the 2015 WEA Representative Assembly in Bellevue.

The purpose of this meeting of the association presidents will be to determine if
state-wide collective action is necessary due to the failure of the Washington State
Legislature to fully fund education. The trigger for such an action would be if the
Washington State Supreme Court determines that the state legislature remains in contempt of the McCleary Decision, and that corrective actions are necessary.

If the State Supreme Court makes this decision, every educator in Washington State will be asked to support this decision. In support of this New Business Item 18 directive,each educator will be asked to refuse to begin the new school year until the Washington State Legislature fulfills its paramount duty in accordance with the decision of theWashington State Supreme Court. Consequently, each association president would then ask the members in their district to vote as to whether to take collective action in

Unlike what we accomplished on May 13th, this would be an open-ended collective action.
Legally, it would be a strike.

Should the Washington Education Association Presidents determine that this collective
action is necessary, each president would hold a General Membership meeting to determine if their association would participate in this strike. Our General Membership meeting would take place in the Camas High School Theater, on August 25th, during lunch, if it is deemed necessary. Members will be notified by home email, and by their school building representatives, if such action is to be contemplated, and if a vote is to take place.

Unlike with the one-day walk-out, this vote would take place at the Special General
Member meeting on August 25th, if quorum is met. Because this action is binding upon all members, the CEA Executive Board would determine in advance a threshold number of votes needed for the action to be carried forward, and the wording of the actual resolution to be presented to our members. In accordance with our by-laws, the CEA Rep Council would meet immediately following the vote to ratify the resolution, if necessary.

Because a strike would take place beginning on the first student day of the new (2015-16)school year, all CEA members would continue to draw pay, although the source of that pay would be dependent upon the length of the collective action. Also, since this action would take place in the new school year, in accordance with our by-laws, the CEA 
Executive Board and CEA Rep Council would be comprised of the elected members for 2015-16. Additionally, the head building representative in each school would assume the duty of strike/picket leader for his or her building. The most current listing of building representatives, as well as our by-laws, can be found on the Camas Education Association web site.

I encourage you to stay informed of these issues throughout the summer by checking   our CEA web site as well as our Facebook page. As additional details emerge, these will be communicated to your home email address, as well as to your building representatives to disseminate. The details of New Business Item 18 are pasted below.

All of this is for informational purposes only. No decision has been made at this time, but we need to be prepared for any eventuality.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments. Ultimately, if
deemed necessary, we will make these decisions together.

Chris Panell
Camas Education Association President
New Business Item 18, 2015 WEA Rep Assembly, Adopted as amended:
The Time is Now — Widespread Strikes
We, the membership, direct WEA to support local strikes throughout the state starting at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. This action will occur if the legislature fails to make adequate progress toward the full funding of educator compensation and class size reduction in this 2015 legislative session. Preparation will include, but is not limited to, informing and supporting of local associations, development of a communication strategy, and creation of an organizing plan to assist regional offices and
individual local associations to adequately inform and organize their members.
Sufficient progress toward full funding must include class size reductions for all grade levels, significant increases in compensation, and must not be at the expense of Higher Education or social programs.
Preparation for possible widespread strikes will begin immediately \ following WEA-RA. Council staff will assist locals in developing an action plan which can be implemented by the start of the 2015-16 school year. Action plans will be developed so as to provide ample time to communicate with members prior to implementation. The level of participation will be determined by each local association in accordance with their governing documents.
How these scum would continue to get paid if they went on strike is beyond me.

That said, they seem to have been strangely quiet about the outcome of the 13 August meeting.  As a result, all parents unfortunate enough to have their children going to one of these public hell-holes need to be prepared: teacher extortion is at hand..

It's illegal for teachers to strike, of course, so any striking teacher should be arrested, beginning with the letter A starting their last name.

Any teacher arrested needs to be released and terminated the moment the strike ends.

This is all about teacher extortion, hidden in the midst of high-sounding iddeals that mean nothing.

And this is the kind of thing that makes me intensely dislike union scum teachers.

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Pete Masterson said...

Presumably, the contracts they have include a "no strike" provision while the contract is in force. (There certainly SHOULD be such a clause.) That being the case, all teachers who actually go out on strike ought to be fired (like the air traffic controllers were back in the early 1980s). Of course, the local school boards are unlikely to take such action unless the citizens rise up and force them to ... which is unlikely.