Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another reminder of how much the VA loves the Veterans they're supposed to serve: LA Office sending claims files to the shredder

The Veteran's Administration has one primary function: to take care of veterans as agreed when we raised our right hands and pledged to put our lives on the line if need be to defend this great nation.

There are two glaring weaknesses in the VA's execution of that plan; one likely political (medical care) and the other absolutely political, disability claims.

That major league incompetent in the White House ran on a platform in 08 that included ending the disability backlog.

So what does he do?

He goes out and gets Eric "Black Beret" Shinseki to take over and screw up the VA, causing the disability claim backlog to explode like a nuclear warhead.

While I may very well qualify for some disability based on my service (Ankles, knees, high blood pressure, practically deaf, screwed up neck, certain neurological issues of unknown origins and the like) I have yet to file for any.

Why bother?

At some point, I may have to.  But I have no trouble waiting behind the line of kids back from Iraq or Afghanistan or any of the other places they've been sent at our command, so their issues can be addressed.

Meanwhile, my own medical issues pale in comparison... but I don't hold a lot of hope for the future as my condition deteriorates.

And part of that is that the facilities are far undersized and understaffed to serve the growing veteran population.

We, of course, have billions to waste on illegal aliens... but not so much to keep this nations promises to a veteran population who made the same mistake so many others have in the past:

We believed our government.

Disability claims are in much, much worse shape than they were when the current regime came into power.  But that's the kind of risk you run when your President hates the military.

He's got no use for us when we're in uniform... he certainly has no use for us when we're out.

After all, there's Obamaphones to buy and all that... vacations to go on... golf to play.

And so what's happening now?

The files of these veterans... are being shredded.

And does that send us a message... or not?

A few years back, my son was very big on joining the Marine Corps.

I talked him out of it because I told him that such an effort had to matter.

If he came back in a box, it had to be for a reason that mattered.

If he came back in pieces, I couldn't put him back together again.

If he came back with his head messed up... it might be a life sentence.

And no matter how he came back, he could NOT count on a Veteran's Administration that will not... or cannot... provide the care and support they will promise to get your name on the dotted line.


Light Weapons Infantry.

I thank God every day that he was receptive enough and I was persuasive enough to talk him out of it.

And that decision on my part... that conclusion... is reinforced every time I read another story or watch another video where the guys (mostly) have needed help... been promised help... and the help hasn't been there.

And no one in a position to do anything about... cares.

Those involved in this criminal activity should be fired and prosecuted.  Statistically, at least one of those 9 fortunate enough to have their files saved will be dead before a decision is made in their case.


And how does that help?  And what is anyone doing about it except trying to make political points?

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