Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Clark County, 181st? Whoever wrote that must not live here.

How strange.

We, as a county, are ranked 181st in the country as a place to live.  Clearly, whoever wrote that must not live here.

I would have though a zero would need to be added to that number... something like 1810th.

In all honesty, I would much rather live in Cowlitz than here.

Clark is a cesspool of political hate, tax increases, governments that don't give a damn what the people want and liars in the Legislature.  Leftist media with only a passing reference to actual news while the rest is cloaked in Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio's fringe-left bent as he uses his bully pulpit and playground bully rag to beat the hell out of some of those who disagree with him.

The state itself is a broad-spectrum den of neo-communism where the Supreme Court makes crap up (McCleary) and the left long for ways to pry more and more money out of those of us working so they can both stay in power and continue to bribe their constituency with the largess of others, giving our money to those who chose not to work at all with zero responsibility for that choice.

Hatred within this county, drove the "reformation" of our government because these same leftist scum hated the outcome of the 2012 election.  It was aided by leftists in office, such as Greg Kimsey, the county auditor who worked for that change, effectively lying every step of the way about our ability to get rid of the charter fungus.  There was no lie they couldn't tell or wouldn't tell.  They would say anything to get this crap passed and, in fact, did that very thing.

Tab fees rammed down the throats of the constituency without asking them, $200 million wasted on a bridge/loot rail set up, $500 million wasted because one of our state senators sold out, a population that has more than doubled since 1988 without any appreciable increase in surface miles, a bus company that arbitrarily cut 60,000 voters out of CTran elections (Thanks, in part, to Marc Boldt) but which did nothing to cut us out from paying their taxes...

The hate is amply illustrated by a C3G2 hate group leftist commenting under this affirmation of how great it is to be running around yelling, "We're number 181!"

Lorretta Thomas
To use the 'rust belt' as a standard for urban decay is fine, but the potential for Clark County to also be named as such, with names as 'the oil slick', 'the oil spill', or just 'oil town' is enough to put our area on any list anywhere for places to never move to unless people are forced to. An oil terminal can only begin the slide toward altering the landscape, river, and quality of living here. There will be no other direction once it begins.

'Leaders must capitalize', says the banner line to this IOV. Are those the same leaders who, in a plethora of excess signage used fear of 'crime trains' to stop a little ole light rail people mover coming from Portland? Those leaders?? One has to wonder if any 'leaders' who support an oil terminal here have ever been to an 'oil town' or paid the least bit attention to property values, what natural amenities exist, where average citizens actually live, or even crime rates in those areas. I'm guessing probably not.
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So many hateful lies in one post, but it's the kind of thing those who don't get their way... the kind of hissy fit those who view democracy and the will of the people as an annoyance... typically resort to when they throw their hissy fit.

An oil terminal doesn't begin the slide towards anything, of course.  But does that stop people determined to get their own way regardless of what the majority may have to say?

And the built in irony of a hater using phrases like :
Are those the same leaders who, in a plethora of excess signage used fear of 'crime trains' to stop a little ole light rail people mover coming from Portland?
Much like the "fear" of an oil terminal being used in an effort to stop that, you mean?

Billions wasted on a mechanism to move 2 or 3 percent of the commuting public with NO improvement in freight mobility, congestion or safety... the C3G2 haters still decry the allegedly "buried" CRC Scam that the new county council will do everything it can to revive... because, with leftist control, what the people want is a meaningless exercise:  Just like Steve Stuart told us...

A Soviet-style hell hole known as Vancouver, with a test-tube of democratic centralism as it's core, represented by at least two neo-communists who can't stomach the very idea of representing the will of the people when that will is at cross-purposes to their agenda.

No, political hatred is the order of the day in Clark County.  I loathe this place with an increasing passion as those who live on hate find the pendulum swinging their way, and I long for the day I can leave this place... and believe me, if I could find a way, I'd be out of here in a heart beat.

The fringe-left whack jobs trying to regain power want us to become yet another small Seattle... or an even more obvious Portland bedroom.  And at this point, they're succeeding.

I'm from Seattle.  And Seattle is a great place... to be FROM.

If Clark County is 181st in the country as a place to live, work and raise a family, contrary to what the rag tells us, that's no reason to celebrate and it's certainly nothing to brag about.

In fact, it stands as an indictment of how much the rest of the country must suck.

Time to set up a "gofundme" page.

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