Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No WONDER people want to know: What is WRONG wit you white people?

Just in case you might have thought that this woman was the only one going incognegro:

you'd be wrong.

One of the blithering idiots of black lives matter is as white as the driven snow.
Rachel Dolezal: fake black female with a completely
Nordic background.

Which makes one wonder: exactly how bad can it be to be black these days... if white peiple... and I mean COMPLETELY white people... want to pass... as black?

One wonders: if being "white" is "right," then where's the wave of blacks who want to get "ahead" trying to fake it?

Dude, it takes a great deal more to be any skin color than toner, fake tattoos and speaking ebonics.

How pathetic is this?

Words can't actually describe it.

But the affirmative action magnet seems to be drawing these sickos like flies.

I don't give a rat's ass what color anyone is.  But at the end of the day, trying to change colors is as sick as, and a variation of, changing genders.

Here's more, if you can stomach it.

BUSTED: #BlackLivesMatter Activist Shaun King is Actually….WHITE

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

I am laughing so hard I may pass out…

Shaun King, a leader of the prominent, loud, destructive and obnoxious #BlackLivesMatter group is, according to his birth certificate and family heritage, whiter than a box of rice.

King, who is also a prominent blogger for the far-left site DailyKos, has been lying about his race for years in print and on endless TV interviews, and even scammed Oprah Winfrey out of tens of thousands, getting a full scholarship to historically-Black Morehouse College, according to Breitbart.

Here’s Shaun’s African-American family:

This guy literally lied in order to steal money from black people. Is there anything more “white privilege” than a white guy acting like a black man to steal from real black people?

Sorry, Shaun, even that ultra-white shirt doesn’t make
you look Black
Also, this is the second person in the last two months to fake being black in order to game the system.
As Steven Crowder brilliantly said:
If being White is such a privilege, if it’s such a “leg up”, why aren’t Black people banging down the door to fake their birth certificates and race? Why do so many White people see ‘being black’ as such an advantage? Could it be that maybe, being a race-baiting, professional black victim is like, super profitable? Just a thought.
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