Monday, July 13, 2015

Who I would vote against this election.

For county chair:

1.  Marc Boldt.

Yes, Marc Boldt is my brother in law, but to the maximum extent possible, situational ethics holds no sway here.

The list of Boldt's outrages against the people of this county is long and distinguished, whether on the county commission or on the CTran Board.

I always suspected since his commissioner election that he was a fake GOP'er, his actions in this election of claiming first, to be running as a "conservative Republican" (Democratian) and then as a "moderate Republican" (The Reflector) and finally as an "independent" (His campaign) proves it.

Boldt, a former freeholder, supported the charter out of spite, having been slammed by current commissioner David Madore out of his job, a job he had no trouble keeping or making any attempt to modify while HE held it, only so that he could run again countywide.

His rabid support of the CRC Scam ad Loot Rail, his sarcastic failures to demand we put this to a vote, his full-on effort to jack up our taxes, including a robo call to give the dope fiends at CTran the keys to the public pharmacy back in 2012:

(Credit Lew Waters)

His lie to me personally when he guaranteed that he would put the CRC to a countywide advisory vote back in 2010; his votes to raise our taxes, repeatedly; the fact that he was a Steve Stuart sockpuppet to the point where the local GOP kicked him out... all of those issues make him unfir to hold any policy governmental elective office where HE could govern ME.

There are a host of other reasons to finally get a message across to Boldt that he may be elected somewhere... but it ain't gonna be here... but these are enough.

2.  Mike Dalesandro

Battle Ground City Councilman and fringe-left nutjob, Mike Dalesandro is one of those clueless leftist Obamatons that have helped to make this country and unrecognizable joke.

Dalesandro's complete lack of common sense, his worship of that simpering idiot in the White House, a lack of experience that would cause his summary endorsement dismissal from the daily pravda in terms of this job had he been anything but a fringe-left democrat... these things combine to make him not only unsuitable for election to this job, but unsuitable for the job he's got.

But then, if his opponent hadn't done a high speed come apart during the campaign, he wouldn't have this job, either.

For District 2:

All of them.

While I might have been able to support Mary Benton, her failure to address the number one issue at the county level, namely, cross-river transportation issues, precludes that support.

The rest of these clowns are all the same, so none of them are worth electing.

Vancouver City Council

Ty Stobber

It's not just that he's another fringe-left whack job looking for work at the government trrough... hell, every elected official in the Vancouver Soviet fits that description.

It's that he's willing to take campaign money from a man arrested for having sex with boys.

I find that problematic on the part of any elected official and if Stober were a Republican, we'd never hear the end of it from the daily democrat.

 Sure, both Bean and Stober are gay.  I'm sure that has nothing to do with this.

That said, this is the short list of those I would vote against.  Feel free to make up your own list.

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