Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Money gets spent on Madore, leftists snivel and whine in their sheer hypocrisy.

The C3G2 hate group's collective mind blew to pieces tonite when John Ley foolishly confirmed that a PAC, set up to support David Madore, was, in fact, doing that very thing.

Memo to Ley:

John, you're a good man and a nice individual.  But there is no excuse for talking to anyone in the media about anything concerning a PAC you're involved in generally, and the local Pravda Izvestia (The Democratian) particularly.

And if you had been told to admit to that, whoever told you is a clueless idiot who should resign from any role in whatever campaign you may be working on.

That said, as expected, the lying, hypocritical local left lost their minds.

Now, Boldt opened his campaign by lying about how much money Tom Mielke has available to spend on this campaign, stating:  "As we saw in the election two years ago (It was, in fact, the better part of three years, actually) these guys have piles of money behind them."

And the money shtick is very big among the leftist haters.

Of course, they never address the fact that Tom Mielke, who was outspent 8 or 9 to 1 by Joe Tanner, kicked his butt in the election.

Of course, to admit that money is not and was not the determining factor is to admit that the reasons for their horrific defeats might have been based on something else: like being dead wrong on the issues.

Instead, the scum coalesce around the money them as if that is the ONLY reason people win or lose. So, we get a heaping pile of steaming tripe like this all-too-typical hatred from the C3G2 haters:
Delena Meyer · 

Bye bye burgerville.
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Fran Hammond · 

The Holland Group is a very large property developer. Not affiliated with Burgerville.
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Keith Johnson · 

your are confused.
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Stuart L. Riley · 

David Madore! The best candidate money can buy!
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Don Greenwood · 

A good voter turnout is essential. We must not take for granted that Madore will lose! There's always the North County vote, coupled with a poor turnout in the southern half! Please vote!
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Mike Briggs · 

I don't think ANY amount of money is going to sway ANYONE about David Madore. The people who will still vote for him- will. But he has always had a fairly narrow wedge of supporters- they just talked and screamed very loud. 

People no longer wish to hear it. 

I believe Mike Dalesandro is a NEW face for a NEW Charter. Make's' sense, doesn't it?
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David Clark
Mike, Isn't Dalesandro an extreme leftie?
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Mike Briggs · 

David Clark , David, you didn't tell me you were a comic? (if Mike is an extreme leftie Jeannie Stewart is Atilla).
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Mike Briggs · 

Good to know. I may not have a lot of money........but zero would go to Fischer.
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Don Charles Steinke · 

Don't drive away good jobs with a dirty and dangerous oil terminal.

John Ley continually tells us how safe the terminal will be but ignores the fact that it is the trains passing through east County we're concerned about. 

Twelve oil trains have exploded in last two years and the next gen tank cars will not be puncture proof above 12 mph.

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Fran Hammond · 

Get corporate money OUT OF POLITICS! Restore the $1900 maximum contribution! It is the only thing that will save what is left of our republic/democracy! This is absurd!
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David Clark
Fran, now tell us about the first amendment and the press supporting (or smearing) candidates.
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This is the variety of whining, sniveling and crying the haters typically engage in.  Mussolini Mikey Briggs has such a great grasp on what the people want that he was CRUSHED in the last election, earning the name "Mr 36%" because of his massacre at the polls and the nickname "Mussolini," because he is the most arrogant, lowlife scumbag to run for office since Maureen "Bully" Loserham.

Now, don't get me wrong.  These morons are free to think anything they like, much like I'm free to point out their rank hypocrisy.

These same variety of pond scum whine like this EVERY time people use their own money to win elections.

But they don't have spit to say about, for example, the scum of the WEA spending millions to buy elections, or the union scum of "Unite" buying the mayoral election that got Tim "The Liar" Leavitt past "No Choice" Royce Pollard when he, The Liar, first ran for mayor.  No, their whine... their snivel... is about personal conservative money... and "corporate" money... but never about union money or, for example, George Soros's cash.

Those types of funds always get a pass from this ilk.

Nor have these same scum ever complained about 1st District WA Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, who spent something on the order of $3.5 million of HER own money to win her congressional race when she first got elected to the job.

Of course, the WEA and DelBene are leftists... and it's ALWAYS "different" when leftists do it.

No, the hatred is strong in these scum.  As is the envy of the other leftist candidates... who, if they HAD that kind of money, would also spend it on themselves... just like Madore... and just like people who believe in him.

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