Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another completely idiotic Columbian endorsement: Port Commissioner

I have wondered for years why the clowns running the incompetent Lazy C are actually let out without keepers and kept away from sharp objects.

Today's port endorsements deepen the mystery.

The final paragraph of that stupidity is this:
That points out the issue of the oil terminal as it relates to this year's election for port commissioner. While the proposal now is in the hands of state regulators, the question is how port officials will react to the next proposal, and what they envision for the future of the Port of Vancouver and for the future of Clark County. 
LaBrant and Ande have the clearest vision among the candidates for Port of Vancouver Commissioner.
The stupidity of that is obvious: the endorsements are based not on what's best for the local economy, or best for workers...

They're instead based on who most closely follows the democratian agenda... which is all-too-typically at odds with what is actually either best for us (Which, thankfully, isn't up to the rag) or what we, the people, actually want.

And what we, the people, actually want matters a great deal more than what the democratian or their ass-kissers want.

Idiocy such as:
Ande is managing director of The Couve Group, Inc., a marketing firm specializing in work for Clark County nonprofits and small businesses. In spelling out reasons for opposing the terminal, he effectively articulated how it would represent a step backward for the community: "I look at the innovators, the people who are really going to drive our economy in the future, who are creating great products, who are creating new inventions. Those businesses want to be in a place that has clean water, clean air, great schools, great transportation. They don't want to be in the industrial armpit of the Northwest."
This moron offers up no proof that the oil terminal would stop ANY business from coming here.  But the leftist, anti-oil hypocrites (Who use petroleum products every day in a thousand different ways without giving it a second thought) make this claim as if it has a scintilla of legitimacy or proof.

Further, the oil terminal will not impact "clean water, clean air, great schools, (and) great transportation." And it will NOT make this the "industrial armpit of the Northwest."

And it takes a genuine scumbag to campaign as if it would.

Neither of the simpering idiots the rag endorses here should be allowed to run an elevator for this community.  And the rag provided zero proof that they should be the ones elected... just like they forgot that whoever of these candidates wins, all they'll get is a platform... because they'll still be in the minority if they oppose the terminal and will not be able to stop anything.

But then, facts and the rag are frequently at odds with each other... and rarely found in the same room.

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