Monday, July 13, 2015

Why I support none of the District 2 Councilor candidates, including Olson.

"Replacing the I-5 Bridge must be our top priority"


Here's the thing: at some point, every bridge needs to be replaced. 

But we're no where close to the point where the I-5 Bridge is on that list.

I am opposed to the election of anyone who views the replacement of that bridge, which also guarantees the infection of loot rail into this county, before two additional bridges in other locations are built.

As I've suspected all along, local GOP sweetheart, Julie Olson, has always supported the CRC Scam or some version of it.  It's why she lost to Stonier last time around and why, hopefully, she's going to lose here.

Benton has missed a golden opportunity by jamming the CRC spike into the political eye of these democrats when she failed to address any transportation issue, even on her web site, according to the democratian.

And here's where I note that based on my read of the county chair eboard article, for some reason, THOSE candidates weren't even asked.

That was done to protect their leftist candidate selection, as near as I can tell, since both Boldt AND Dalesandro have been rabid supporters of that rip off CRC Scam.

Meanwhile, though, the county is cursed with District 2 candidates who don't listen and don't care and who have been thoroughly covered with the downtown special interest fungus that worms its way into the brains of anyone, apparently, who even drives south of the 39th.

Good luck, citizens of District 2.  On the surface, at least, you're stuck with a horrific selection of candidates who haven't had an original thought in their heads for decades.

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Lew Waters said...

If for no other reason than to offer congestion relief for whenever we do need to replace the Interstate Bridges, other crossings must be constructed first.

If any think traffic congestion through that corridor is a nightmare now, wait and see what 8 years of constructing new bridges adjacent to the current ones will look like.

There must be additional crossings first.