Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Is Ty Stober contributor "T Bean" the infamous "Terry Bean," arrested last fall for having sex with a 15 year old boy?

Here's a screen capture from Stober's PDC report:

Here's an excerpt from the Willamette Week article detailing the arrest of Terry Bean:

November 19th, 2014 11:23 am | by NIGEL JAQUISS News | Posted In: ActivismGay RightsPDX NewsMediaPoliticsState GovernmentCops and Courts

Terry Bean Arrested on Charges of Sex Abuse of a Minor

Prominent Obama supporter and Democratic party activist initially faced allegations of secretly videotaping sex acts

beanTerry Bean
Terry Bean, a Portland power player in national Democratic politics and the gay rights movement, was arrested today on charges of sex abuse in a case involving a 15-year-old boy.
Police arrested Bean, 66, and booked him at the Multnomah County Detention Center this morning. 
Law enforcement sources familiar with the case say Bean will be charged with two counts of sodomy in the third degree, a felony, and sex abuse in the third degree, a misdemeanor. He will be arraigned later in Lane County, where the crimes allegedly occurred in 2013.
The arrest comes after a five-month investigation that began with WW's reporting about allegations of secret video recordings of men having sex in Bean's bedroom.  As WW reported in June, Bean went to the police soon after WW began asking questions,  telling them that he was a victim of an extortion plot by a former lover, Kiah Lawson. WW's story revealed, among other things, that months before, Bean sought to keep the allegations about the video recordings quiet and tried to reach a $40,000 settlement with Lawson. 
Lawson told WW that early this year he had discovered a hidden camera in a smoke detector above Bean's bed. Lawson claimed he was in more than one video that was made without his knowledge, and that video recording also captured at least a half dozen men “in a state of nudity engaged in intimate acts with [Bean].”
And more recently:
May 1st, 2015 4:28 pm | by NIGEL JAQUISS News | Posted In: PoliticsCops and Courts

Despite Facing Felony Sex Abuse Charges, Terry Bean Surfaces in Connection With Obama’s Portland Visit

Aide to Democratic Party money man emails potential supporters.

terry bean dob 08231948Terry Bean
When WW first reported that PresidentBarack Obama will visit Portland on May 7, one of the first questions in political circles was what role, if any, would Portland real estate investor Terry Bean play in the visit.

In the past, Bean, a gay-rights pioneer and co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign, has been a strong Democratic booster and raised more money for Obama's presidential campaigns than any other Oregonian. 

That fundraising prowess earned Bean visits to the White House, a trip on Air Force One and a prominent place at the president's side when Obama visits the Pacific Northwest.

But any participation by Bean in a presidential visit now could be embarrassing for Obama. Bean is currently under indictment, facing felony sex abuse charges in Lane County.

The answer as to whether Bean would be involved followed soon afterward: On April 29, a longtime Bean employee named Jimmy Greene sent an email to a couple dozen well-connected and, in some cases, well-heeled Portlanders about the event.

"If you're interested or want some more information, please call me," Greene wrote in the email, identifying himself as "assistant to Terry Bean."

Greene tells WW that he sent the email at the request of the Democratic National Committee, which is organizing the president's visit. 


It is of note that Mr. Bean is described in Stober's PDC's as a"Self Employed Real Estate Investor" which matches the description provided by Willamette Week: "Portland real estate investor Terry Bean."
While this sort of thing is not unusual in democrat elective circles (Look up the late democrat Congressman Gary Studds, for example) I'm not all that sure that it's a good fit for a small town city council race.
I find it hard to believe that Mr. Stober did not know, which begs the question: why did he take this man's money?

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Lew Waters said...

Since both are homosexual activists, Stober previously ending a campaign for state senate in 2012 to promote homosexual marriage, I would think the likelihood is certain.

And, what a queer deal, endorsed by Liar Leavitt.