Saturday, April 18, 2015

Clearly, Lefty Lou Brancaccio doesn't know any more about politics than he does brain surgery.

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I stopped reading Lefty Lou Brancaccio's tripe months ago.  Occasionally, blog readers will send me his column or I will stumble across some excerpt on Facebook of his vomitus that routinely escapes his keyboard.

That's what happened here this morning.  I have been asked over the past few months, while stopped writing about his idiocy.

First, Lefty has long since run out of any new material. His hatred shtick is cancerous. Reading his garbage takes a toll.

Second, of course he's been on nothing but a conservative jihad ever since he got here.   this is just his most recent juvenile antics when it comes to his attacks on anyone to the right of Mao. (Remember, this clown was going to attack Brent Boger… Hardly the most conservative fellow you're going to ever meet… Until even his own fellow democrat buddies bitch slapped him over getting into the moron zone.)

Third, his C3G2 style hatred began to grate on me after a while.

This morning, on Facebook, one of my friends quoted an excerpt from Lefty's usual idiocy, writing "So why – no, really, why – would either of these guys think they can win a countywide race for council chair?"

As Lefty has shown repeatedly, at the end of the day, he knows as much about politics as he does performing an abdominal resection.

Clearly, both commissioners Madore and Mielke have made the calculus that since they've won countywide at least once before, they are fully capable of winning countywide again.

As of this writing, the only other announced candidate is my brother-in-law, former Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Now, Lefty Lou loves Mark Boldt as a candidate.  while Mark insists on claiming he is a "conservative Republican" the fact is that his voting record shows a great deal to the contrary. There's no need to go into that here, but suffice it to say that all of the problems that he brought to the table in 2012 remain unassailed in 2015.

Of these three candidates, Boldt is the least likely to win because of his slavish devotion to the hated CRC scam, and his well-publicized disdain for the will of the people.

At this moment, if the election were held today, either Madore or Mielke would win it.  That the moron running the Democratian so slavishly supports Boldt is an insurmountable problem… A symptom of a greater disease: that Mark Boldt has been completely co-opted by both the left and the downtown mafia to the extent that he's forgotten who he is supposed to work for.

In fact, viewed in its entirety, a better question to be asked would be "so why – no really, why – would Scott Campbell believe that a moron like Lefty Lou could run a daily newspaper?"

The fact is that no one who supported the CRC will win countywide. Go interview Craig Pridemore if you don't believe me.

So while I didn't read the rest of Brancaccio's screed,  his ignorance on the political scene is the stuff of legend… And that he in his little cocoon believes that neither can win is a great indicator that either one of them will win.

Thanks to the CRC poison which the Democrats insist on continuing to drink, those who have or did support the CRC have about as much chance of being elected countywide as Lefty Lou does of learning the fine art of levitation.

In order to defeat Madore/Mielke, a candidate would have to run with a proven record of fighting the CRC, a proven record of actually being more concerned about the will of the people of this county than of the downtown special interests who own them, like they own the Marc Boldt; greater name familiarity, a candidate who wasn't a rank liar, and a candidate who could prove that they would do more to implement the will of the people than either of the other two.

Now, that Lefty still doesn't understand the political terrain of Clark County is not surprising. He lives in a bubble, with an outer coating of arrogance that's only exceeded in depth by his idiocy wrapped in his stupidity.

The fact is that if hBrancaccio knew what he was talking about, Boldt would still be a County Commissioner, and Craig Pridemore would've been elected over Jeanne Stewart.

It wasn't that long ago that his very rag was bleating about how the local GOP had injured itself by kicking Boldt out of the party for being Steve Stuart's butt boy... not unlike the same stupidity they spew over efforts to reign in Greg Kimsey.

Many of the reasons for the Boldt loss last time remain in effect today. And as much as Lefty Lou hates Madore and Mielke, the fact is that over the years Lefty has shown himself to be so far out of touch with the voters of Clark County it's like his newspaper is in another country.

There is a reason that Lefty Lou is scum. He does not see things the way they are, but instead chooses to see things the way he wishes they were.  And his playground bully mindset results in stupidity of the variety he spewed today.

If, as a course in politics, that program actually worked; we'd be seeing the basic outlines of the citizens of Clark County for standing up for what they believe to be right and supporting legislators who finally killed the hated project that wasted $200 million... in part at the behest of the same, clueless, Lefty Lou.

Yet oddly when I look to where the I-5 bridges are standing, I realize that they will be standing there long after I have left this mortal coil… Standing as a memorial to Lefty Lou's arrogance, ignorance and false determination that he's the smartest guy in the room.

Few have damaged this community more than Lefty Lou. And when he hopefully leaves us… Soon… He will no more be missed than the clown he replaced.

Meanwhile, the future of our community rests upon those who actually pay attention all the time… Instead of being sucked in by pre-election advertising that's utterly meaningless in the face of a well defined political voting record… Because what they've done in the past is what they're likely to do in the future.

I look forward to additional candidates possibly coming out to run for the County chair position. But I would not be surprised if none of them were democrats, since the democrats know they cannot win. I especially look forward to election night where the victory of either David Madore or Tom Mielke... will further cement the dumpster of Lefty Lou's horrific legacy to this community into place.

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