Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More mental masturbation by the democratian on the GOP's effort to out Kimsey: GOP wounds itself

It was but a few years ago that the local GOP FINALLY did what they should have done years before: they effectively kicked then Commissioner Marc Boldt, my brother-in-law, out of the local GOP since he had long since even lost even a remote resemblance to anything Republican.

The headlines when the GOP took THAT action?

The same kind of tripe the Lazy C is troweling now over the GOP's Kimsey effort.

In Our View: GOP Wounds Self-Inflicted

Criticizing your own is no way to act as the campaign season approaches


So, here's today's headline:

In Our View: County GOP Wounds Itself

Group's troubling habit of attacking its own detrimental to the party as a whole

Let's take a look at the record, shall we?

On the day the rag spewed it's first snivel over something which, in reality, is none of their fricking business,  The commission had two democrats (Boldt and Stuart) and one Republican.

County wide officials were democrats in the prosecutor's office and treasurer.  Republicans had the rest... and, as far as that goes, still do.

Legislators were all GOP outside the 49th except for Probst in the 17th.

Now, what's the score?

The entire county commission is GOP.

Every legislative seat outside the Vancouver Soviet is GOP.

The same number of county of county officials are members of the same party now as they were then.

In fact, since the rag predicted gloom and doom, the GOP has gained a legislative seat and the democrats have been obliterated at the polls.


Greg Kimsey is, to our misfortune, the county auditor.  He is also the very model of a RINO, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the downtown mafia who is a rabid CRC supporter and who hates David Madore and Don Benton as much or more as anyone in the C3G2 hate group.

In short, he is as "Republican" as my goldfish.

He illegally used the voter pamphlet as a campaign puff piece for the Charter, lying in content as much as he lied during his campaign efforts to convince everyone that the piece of crap in question was somehow better for us.

That, of course, flew in the face of the local GOP's position in opposition to the charter scam.  His active involvement in opposition to the local party's position is more than adequate justification to kick his ass out of the party, the lamination of the leftist rag infesting us notwithstanding.

Back in the day, the rag spewed a wide variety of crap resembling the garbage they're shoveling out now.

And all that begs the question:

If this result represents "wounding," don't think for a minute that the local democrat cabal wouldn't give their collective left testicle to be bleeding like this.

In the end, a rag that hates everything seriously GOP cannot be used as a source of advice, or concern or anything else concerning their target.

Greg Kimsey should be kicked out of the party.  He should have been kicked out the moment he took a public stance in favor of the CRC Scam, let alone his lies and efforts on behalf of the democrats concerning the charter.

The idea that Kimsey is some great or important political figure around here is a joke.  His ilk represents the biggest threat against the GOP as he works tirelessly to weaken it from within.

If he vaporized tomorrow, he'd be no more missed than say, Craig Pridemore.

The idea that the rag would do or say anything that didn't support their fellow CRC/Charter Scammer is just that: bizarre, leftist partisanship... Kimsey's worthless label notwithstanding.

Because you can bet that if it were, say, Sen. Don Benton who was the object of the CCGOP's scorn, they'd be patting them all on the shoulder and telling them : "Job well done."

And that the left does far worse is unassailable: just ask Sen. Tim Shelton.

Meanwhile, the LAST people I'd ask about or be concerned over their opinions would be the mouthpiece for those who hate the GOP the most: Lefty Lou Brancaccio and his band of scum.

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