Friday, March 27, 2015

C3G2 hater Chuck Green running against Julie Olson for Position 2, county council.

It's sad, really.   Chances of any hater running (and winning) for anything outside the Vancouver Soviet are fairly slim, but particularly THIS scumbag, who is both a rabid CRC Scammer AND one of those scumbags who is pushing the hated BRT down everyone's throat.

That he supports that crap along with the idiocy of the charter (Which lost in District 2, if memory serves) in the face of a district 2 vote in opposition would usually be a tailor-made opportunity for whoever is running against a thug like that.

The problem is Olson's lack of strong opposition to the CRC Scam, a failure that ultimately led to her defeat against a weak candidate named Stonier in 2012 for the legislature.

Still, I look forward to watching the hilarity ensue as this moron tries to use his hate group (Which was his motive behind it) to get elected to the county co0uncil minority.

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