Friday, March 27, 2015

So, what's the deal with the fringe left and Bergdahl?

In a tenure of stupidity, THE dumbest, most indefensible thing I believe I ever saw, outside of playing golf minutes after finding out an American had just been beheaded by the terrorist JV Squad, aka, ISIS, was inviting the parents of that asswipe Bowe Bergdahl into the Rose Garden to provide these terrorist sympathizers with the world's biggest stage to spout their garbage as the president "takes credit" for trading 5, high-value terrorists from Gitmo in return for a deserter.

We all saw the garbage Obama defenders troweled out:  claims from that lying bitch that he had "served with honor and distinction," for example, while 6 soldiers were killed looking for that scumbag.

Even now, leftist slime are parroting that "we don't leave anyone behind" crap (As if it were true) like this guy DID NOT VOLUNTARILY DESERT ON HIS OWN.

It's certainly one thing to take that position when an honorable warrior has been captured in the performance of his duty.

But this made even less sense than giving that girl a Bronze Star (Without a "V" device) for getting in a car wreck and getting captured by Iraqi's... Jessica Lynch.

Bergdahl deserted.  He deserved no consideration as if he left under duress... as if he hadn't written how "ashamed" he was to be an American BEFORE he was "captured."

Of course he should be courtmartialed. And if found guilty, he should be shot.

So... what is the left's love of this guy based on?

What's up with that?  Why do they seem to care so much more about this scumbag than they do the blood of those killed and wounded looking for him?

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