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So what was missing from a Democratian "don't have a clue about what's going on in Olympia" four things to watch article?

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It was something of an entertaining… albeit poorly thought out… article concerning for items left to do in Olympia before the Legislature calls it a day.

What was missing from that mostly fantasy of an overview of the issues remaining?

Here's a few clues: how many times did the Democratian warn us that the legislature was going to be forced by the state Supreme Court to bend us all over for $7 billion in tax increases to meet the requirements of the McCleary decision?

Editorials of fire and brimstone, promising jail or worse for the legislators for failure to comply with their leftist newspaper fantasies as to what the state Supreme Court can and cannot do when it comes to forcing the people to pay taxes in this state. Not unlike the Senate GOP fantasies concerning the bogus ability of the governor to unilaterally jack up the gas tax $1.60 to pay for his cap and trade fetish.

So why didn't the newspaper mention that, considering how much ink they wasted on it?

It's because they know that the legislature is NOT going to jump through a hoop merely because the Supreme Court holds that hoop up. As I've stated in this blog repeatedly, the Supreme Court does not have the power to take any punitive action against the Legislature… Any more than the Legislature has the power to take any punitive action against the Supreme Court.

The Legislature… Legislates.  The Supreme Court… deliberates.  The Supreme Court cannot order the Legislature to legislate any more than the Legislature can order the Supreme Court to deliberate.

In a governmental system with co-equal branches, those lines do not intersect in any way.

So why did the rag continue to insist on regurgitating that which they likely knew to be a lie?

It's not like the rag doesn't lie to get what they want. One need only review their CRC/loot rail coverage to see that they used that issue to lie to us for a decade.

Today, the Democratian stands as the very model of the leftist lie, leftist exaggeration and leftist political hackery.  If they knew anything about government, than they knew they were not telling the truth when they babbled about Supreme Court threats.

Of course, there is a likelihood that they don't know anything more about government, how it works, what motivates it, or the state Constitution as a concept than they do the study of Sanskrit.

The rest is typically related to the Democratian's agenda: in reality, very few Southwest Washington residents give a damn about the oil terminal and its related issues… If it was what the Democratian was making it out to be than Democrats would have won elective office across the board… Given their multiple lies about who got money from who and who supported what.

And how did that work out?

Leftist visions of gloom and doom in danger and explosions and everything that goes with it notwithstanding, the fact is that the oil in question is coming through our community regardless of any other aspect, and for me the only question is this: does our community get a piece of that pie or not?

Led by the GOP-controlled Senate, the promise of Initiative (I-502) was shattered when their campaign-pledged tax revenue was reduced from 75% to 30%… Making an already horrific political lie of $582 million per year in campaign pledges an impossible dream… And letting the lying scum behind that initiative completely off the hook while serving to reinforce that lying to the people of the state of Washington is the way to get what they want... Whether it's a campaign for office or a campaign for an initiative.

This betrayal and subsequent acceptance of political corruption was the last straw for me and is directly responsible for ending my involvement in any political campaign. When combined with the subsequent political treachery, again by the GOP controlled Senate, on the issue of the gas tax where senators who promised to never raise the gas tax as a part of their campaigns for office suddenly forgot all about that… While remembering to put an emergency clause on the bill and simultaneously making sure we were not allowed to vote on it... combined to end my active involvement in any campaign since that burden was far too much to bear.

It is of note that when it comes to the issue of the bi-state bridge coalition, the only legislator mentioned in the article is the Vancouver hobbit, Annette Cleveland. She had absolutely nothing to do with its formulation or creation, and in fact was a huge opponent of the very idea of working on any solution to our cross river traffic issues that did not involve resurrecting the CRC scam.

But when you're carrying the democratian's water like Gunga Din, this kind of fawning sycophantic pro-democrat reaction is to be expected.

Cleveland's idiocy was well diagrammed with her efforts to waste billions of additional dollars by amending the transportation budget to resurrect the hated CRC… Which I have pointed out repeatedly here, is not dead as much as it's in a state of suspended animation.

I have a problem with funding a bistate bridge coalition that eventually is going to be dominated by the same leftists who attempted to ram this thing down our throats.

The democrats will not support a bridge replacement unless it includes light rail; and they will absolutely not support any other location for additional bridges. The only room for so-called "compromise" is that of those who oppose loot rail.  Building a loot rail ready bridge is the same scam as building one with the cars up and running.

So, the democrats will not move on this issue. more than willing to punish this county out of their petulance and arrogance.

Not because additional bridges are not needed, clearly an additional bridge to the west of the I-5 bridge to Hillsboro would reduce traffic on that I-5 bridge and within the I-5 corridor geometrically… Whereas replacement of the I-5 bridge would merely serve to facilitate bringing the fungus of loot rail to Clark County… Which is what the entirety of the replacement movement has been about from the very beginning.

The democrats have repeatedly shown that they will not compromise on any of these issues: the only way is their way; they will accept no other.

Knowing this going in, why are we bothering  to fund a committee whose real plan and whose ultimate goal will be to restore the CRC project to its former prominence?

Before this committee ever saw the light of day, those involved in transportation solutions should have secured the pledge of all parties involved to eliminate light rail for any bridge replacement. Failing to do that, which is what's happened here, merely sets the table for the ultimate democrat takeover and resurrection of the project… Since their goal of light rail in the Clark County has not changed one iota.

And when it comes to the issue of the gas tax, I've already exposed the corruption on how that was arrived at: by virtue of the lieutenant governor's bogus "unconstitutional" Senate ruling on the GOP rules concerning the requirement of a supermajority to increase or impose taxes. I have yet to see anyone in media here locally mention the story that came from Crosscut detailing the corruption of the initial decision to declare that rule "unconstitutional" and the subsequent decision to resurrect that rule as being totally constitutional when needed to provide GOP Sen. Andy Hill (R–Bellevue) with political cover on amendments to the general fund budget while making sure that none of those amendments were adopted… Even though some of them had 29 votes out of 49 senators.

The condensed version is that Brad Owen shut the rule off to get the gas tax passed (requiring a simple majority of 25 votes) and then turned the rule back on to give his buddy Andy Hill political cover.

As the project budget left the Senate, it turned out that the fine folks within Clark County were going to receive a grand total of 1.3% of the entire state's transportation project largess.

Now it appears, that in addition to the unneeded waste of $100 million to modify the Mill Plain I-5 interchange to CRC specifications, the pot has been sweetened a tiny amount by wasting $50 million on the 179th and I-5 interchange for a total waste of $150 million… (When, if they were going to work in any interchange, the northbound I-5/SR 500 interchange is the one that should have received funding) and apparently, simultaneously, yanking the smaller project monies from throughout our community… That were sprinkled out there to get the various fringe left mayors on board with screwing us with this gas tax increase. (I expect they'll be put back in to bribe the local political scum who would sell their own children for 30 pieces of silver.)

$15 billion is currently planned on being set aside as a result of bending us over without getting our permission… All for a paltry 1.3% of the total package.

A permanent tax increase to finance King County's boondoggles like more horrific waste on their Big Dig tunnel scam and in the floating I-520 bridge rip off.… Supported by some who promised is a part of their election campaign to oppose any gas tax increase. (Which served as additional impetus for me to abandon political campaigns.)

The reason I've written all of this is to remind the reader that merely because some level of information is printed in a newspaper... any newspaper generally but the democratian in particular... does not make it true nor does it make it all of the story.

And this goes to the heart of the matter of politics: the responsibility to learn what is truly going on cannot begin and end with any single source of information.

You need to be curious. You need to ask questions. You need to wonder why, when the majority of a political party stands for one thing, they suddenly and irrevocably do something completely different.

Hold your legislators accountable for what they say and what they do. Hold them accountable for their campaign promises. Hold them accountable when they lie to you… As so many here have lied to us.

For when you don't… You truly wind up with the government you deserve.

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