Sunday, April 05, 2015

Once again, the democratian proves their partisan ignorance.

At some point in the "education" of the slime running the democratian, they made an internal decision to accept anything they've been told by just about anyone... as long as they like whatever it is that's being shilled.

For example, how many times generally has the rag told us that the Legislature must jump through whatever hoop the fringe-left whack jobs on the Supreme Court hold up?

Nonsense.  As a co-equal branch of government, the Supreme Court can no more tell the Legislature to legislate than the Legislature can tell the Supreme Court to deliberate.

But because the fringe-left is bent on their income redistribution schemes and because they don't give a damn about constitutional principles, they keep repeating the lie that the Legislature has to do anything the Court tells them to do.

I've covered that extensively on this blog; I've proven that entire concept false, and I've shown that while the Court's bluster has been entertaining, it's no reason... or excuse... to do anything.

But because the rag likes the meme, they keep replaying the lie over... and over... and over again.

So, even now, when it's shown that the Legislature is NOT going to engage in the Court's bizarre brand of fiscal suicide... i.e., the joke called the "McCleary decision," the rag continues to act like they are... and they have.
Taxpayers, certainly, will welcome that approach. (The GOP's fake "no new taxes" budget) With state revenue expected to grow $2.9 billion from the current biennium thanks to an improving economy, Legislators would have a difficult time selling the public on the need for additional revenue through new taxes. Yet these remain difficult times. With the Legislature facing a court-ordered mandate to boost spending on K-12 education — along with a court-ordered mandate to attend to the state's mental health system — much of the revenue boost already has been gobbled up.
Naturally, NONE of the new anticipated revenue has "been gobbled up."  The leftist nutbergers at the Lazy C would like to think the 9 robed dwarfs across the street from the Capital Building can just fart and force the House and the Senate to steal money from us to pay for their fantasy... but as I've pointed out repeatedly, the fact is that if the Court COULD force the Legislature to act in a certain way, thereby proving that no legislature is needed in this state, they already would have.

Nothing in this budget has anything to do with "compliance with McCleary vs. Washington."

Remember the editorials earlier that warned us all that if the Legislature didn't fork over seven billion dollars THIS YEAR, RIGHT NOW... IMMEDIATELY... the Court was going to kick their ass?

Of course, the moron who wrote such a thing clearly knows as much about politics, government and the constitution as he does about sequencing a gnome at the dinner table.

CLEARLY, the Legislature is NOT going to do what the 9 midgets and the moron editorial writer have demanded they must... have babbled they must.

The school solution would be for the GOP Senate to actually CUT taxes and the size of government. But that's not what THIS so-called GOP Senate does, unless you're a millionaire pot supporter and you don't give a damn about initiatives or the vote of the people.  THEN they get you squared away.

Sen. Andy Hill is far too interested in running for governor, you see... and he has to keep his RINO interests happy.

In the end, the Legislature will do whatever it is they want.  And when they do, you can bet that NONE of them will be swayed by the partisan bleating the local rag engages in on a regular basis.

And, while the Court might pitch another fit for public consumption, in the end, they'll do NOTHING... because there's absolutely nothing they CAN do.

Ultimately, I expect the Senate GOP to cave on this as they have caved on every matter of GOP principle this year... everything from taking the fringe-left tact of putting an emergency clause on their 30% plus increase in the gas tax (Yeah.  It's a REAL "emergency.") already among the highest in the United States... as if they had D's after their names... to refusing to put that scam up to a vote because, well, hell, who GIVES a damn what those of us paying the bills actually want... right?

How... democrat of the GOP Senate.

"No man's liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session."

And that's regardless of which party runs it.

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