No attention has been given to public-health education about marijuana.
By Roger Roffman - Special to the Times                                                                                                                                     

A growing gap exists between how the early marijuana-legalization laws are rolling out in Washington state and what ought to be concurrent education campaigns to give marijuana consumers science-based information to make wise choices.
Roger Roffman, a co-sponsor of I-502, 
is a University of Washington professor
emeritus of social work. His memoir, 
“Marijuana Nation,” was published by 
Pegasus Books in 2014

Initiative 502 earmarked new excise-tax revenues to the state Department of Health to pay for “medically and scientifically accurate information about the health and safety risks posed by marijuana use.”

The initiative also called for a marijuana public-health hotline. To be available statewide, the hotline is intended to provide treatment referrals, brief counseling and educational information about marijuana.

On the road to a more just marijuana policy in the United States, we’re leaping ahead in some respects yet falling seriously behind in others. By turning away from an ineffective marijuana-prohibition policy, clearly enforced with egregious racial inequities, we’re making progress.

However, to date, no marijuana excise-tax revenues have been allocated to the state Health Department. Therefore, these educational efforts haven’t begun. In essence, 29 months have passed since voters approved I-502. During that time, while the birth of this new industry and its ever-growing array of products have been extensively covered in the media, almost no attention has been given to public-health education about the drug.

Now, three bills wending their way through the legislative process would decimate the education, prevention, treatment and research elements of I-502. In the state Senate, a bill would completely eliminate the dedicated marijuana fund and direct all I-502 revenue to the general fund for local government uses and to the education legacy trust account. Bills in the state House would pull the rug out from under the youth-based marijuana prevention efforts intended by the initiative.


Odd, isn't it? I've yet to hear of ANY of the pro-pot scammers admit to any negative impacts from this brutal drug... and now, all of a sudden, one of the co-sponsors of this sewage comes out and chats... when it's far too late... about the many mental, physical and emotional impacts of this stupidity... and the money to educate children about this monster he helped to unleash.

The irony?

He doesn't utter one word about the hundreds of millions promised and never realized that his campaign promised. And that's because he doesn't care that the campaign was a lie in almost every conceivable way.

Does he write like someone being held accountable for lying? No? Why is that?

Because when the Legislature generally and the GOP Senate specifically had the chance to act... to re-criminalize pot and force those who pawned this scam off on us to go back to the ballot... and THIS time, tell the TRUTH.... they not only punted, they acted as if the pot-lobby was paying them cash directly.

Oh, I'm sure there's a "bigger picture" that I just don't get. I'm sure that allowing these scum to spend millions on a campaign of lies to convince the people that legalizing this loaded pharmaceutical gun would solve all of our problems. After all, even the dullards at the Lazy C, who lack the common sense of a rock ape, allowed themselves to be taken in by the lies since they write like they live on weed down there.

I'm also absolutely sure that none of our senators are going to ever explain it to us... explain why they not only allowed the lie to continue, but then aid those behind the lie by cutting the taxes they agreed to pay to get this thing passed in the first place.

Unless, of course, there is no explanation.

Just corruption. Just more money being passed around... more promises being made... and more people... like the people of Washington State, being taken for granted.