Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gender bigotry in the upcoming presidential election.

How would it appear if I were to declare that I was not going to vote for Hillary Clinton… Not because of her idiotic policies,  her cowardice, her complete lack of integrity, and the fact that she wants to be Obama light… But instead, because she… Is a she?

Many out there would be thinking (as, I'm sure, many on the left already think)  that I'm a misogynist pig for even having such a thought.

Of those of us who are actually paying attention to the upcoming elections, however, how many of us of seeing that shriveled up prune stand there and ask the rhetorical question:  "don't you think it's about time we had a woman president?"

So effectively, what this waste of skin is asking us is to vote for her because of her plumbing.

She's making this a campaign issue… Which is of course her privilege.

But if she is going to turn her gender into a reason to vote for her… Should it also not be a reason to vote against her? After all, does it make any sense that this part of the equation should only be one sided?

Rest assured, I'm no more interested in voting against that witch because of her gender then I was interested in voting against that moron currently occupying the White House because of his skin color.

You can bet however,  that the media and the left are going to do their level best to make sure that anyone who publicly opposes this simple idiot, is going to be portrayed as a bigot and a racist exactly the same way as they worked so hard to portray those of us who oppose Obama.

The racist element comes into play because of Clinton's desire to get the minority vote… And that means the furtherance of the damaging, divisive policies that the incompetent currently wearing the title "president" is visiting upon us even now..

I get that Clinton's in a box. I almost feel sorry for her, in a political specimen under a microscope slide kind of way.

She's in a position where she's going to have to continue to kowtow in victimization, and furtherance of the minority entitlements philosophy if she is to have any hope at getting elected.

The problem is, she's a murderer. The problem is she's as white as the driven snow. And like the he local Leftist political bigotry which was so brightly displayed in the 2012 election when Democrats refuse to vote for "Republican" Marc Boldt,  this is going to be a huge problem for her.

Hillary Clinton is no Bill. And to attempt to portray that white bread bitch has some sort of black person,, as Bill was portrayed, would be a total disaster.

I personally do not give a damn what the gender or race of the President of the United States happens to be. I would consider voting for former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for example, and certainly have Dr. Ben Carson at the top of my short list for consideration for this highest post.

I have rabidly supported our female legislators in the 18th District for years now, for the most part... I strongly supported Commissioner Jeannie Stewart in her election bid.

I have rabidly opposed our female congresswoman, not because of her plumbing or 50% Hispanic blood, but because she's been (and continues to be) as worthless as brass door knockers.

No, this isn't about race or gender. This is about being driven off the cliff by virtue of the politics of those who happen to be the opposite gender to myself.

but I must tell you that if we've reached the point in our politics where we should vote for someone merely by virtue of their color… Or their gender… I am more likely to vote against them than for them.

Because for me, it's all about the content of their character over their color… Or their reproductive organs.

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