Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The democratian's confusion of an opinion piece as news and their image rehab effort for Ridgefield Barbie.

One of the many reasons the local democrat daily newsletter damages this community so much is their confusion of news with opinion.

Earlier, I printed a post where Lauren Dake, who unfortunately works for the Lazy C which is hopefully temporarily, still in business; detailed the sham that is the editorial process for screwing candidates they oppose.

Correspondingly, today shows an article where they slavishly (albeit moronically) try to rehab the Camas Manikin's image with the GOP... a fool's errand, given that so few in the GOP actually read their tripe.

The article, idiotically (and falsely) entitled "Censure effort could benefit Herrera" is a mishmash of quotes from sources that don't know what they're talking about and even aren't from this state.

Herrera, who even now, having lied about it at the time of her appointment, was recently referred  by the democratian as a "Republican moderate," one who has failed to act on behalf of the people of Clark County in any meaningful way on the CRC scam since she rabidly supports that still very-much-alive project; has taken a number of votes which show she's nothing more than a sock-puppet for the GOP establishment that built her.

That's been her meme ever since McMorris parachuted her back here after an 11 year absence to take on democrat Brian Baird who she so admired and during her abortive tenure in the state House, she managed to co-sponsor SEIU legislation as well as vote for a bill that cleaned out the states reserve fund... just like many of her democrat buddies.

Now, an effort is under way to hold her accountable for her political treachery, and the rag, ignoring the political realities of the local GOP which, politically, should be her only concern, go out of state to some GOP powerhouse such as the chair of the Multnomah County GOP to get their take.

As if.

As if Multnomah county wasn't a deeper and darker blue than downtown Moscow, Russia.  But then, Dake knew that when he asked, and if she had asked a party chair from a county as Red as Clark, she likely would have received a different answer.  Not that she'd use it, you understand: that wouldn't have fit into her opinion piece masquerading as "news."

While Herrera would likely fit like a glove in the Multnomah GOP, this is where I point out that this ain't Multnomah and his opinion on something he knows nothing about is as bogus as democratian "journalism."

Further, if you're going to quote a GOP leader, maybe you should find one that doesn't get tattooed by the democrats every election cycle.

Did, for example, Multnomah county vote GOP for congress... or the senate... or Governor?

Is that even a question?

So, why did they talk to another by-necessity RINO to get their take about an issue he likely knows little to nothing about?

Because he'd say what the democratian wanted to hear.

The quote itself shows his ignorance:
"If I were her, I would be working with her staff to do that triangulation because she has strong conservative credentials and if she can say, 'I can also be a moderate when I need to be a moderate,' that may help," Fruits said. "Plus, if she is like most politicians, she has her eyes on something bigger, and it may give her broader statewide appeal she might need." 
And how has that formula worked out for the GOP in Multnomah?

Sere, here's the thing: Herrera NEVER needs to be a "moderate."  Even the PHRASE "moderate" just means "voting with my fellow leftists."

That's what she did when she voted to raise the debt ceiling.  That's what she did when she voted to cut veteran retirement and disability.  That's what she did when she voted for Boehner.  That's what she's done on the shut-down.

I agree with the assessment that she "has her eye on something bigger."  But the dimbulb who both said it and the one who subsequently printed it failed to realize that a conclusion like that is part and parcel of Herrera's biggest problem:  this isn't ABOUT her.

Fortunately, having lacked the guts to even hold open town hall meetings, there's little likelihood she'll succeed at doing anything save boot herself out of politics and give the senate seat back to the democrats.


One of her many, many failings is her inability to remember what she's supposed to be doing there.

It's SUPPOSED to be about US.

She is not SUPPOSED to be feathering her own nest.  And I, of course, sincerely hope that she DOES run for the senate: she would get her clueless ass kicked and then she'd be out of government altogether.  That would mean the end of her crashing White House Super Bowl parties so she can get selfies with Russell Wilson, and no more videos of her climbing over her colleagues to get pictures with Obama at SOTU speeches.

That Fruits would actually say such a thing... which plays directly into the opposition organizing within the party shows that politically, the only thing missing with Fruits are nuts and flakes.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

The rag, of course, wants her in because she's their biggest local friend on the CRC Scam.  Because of Lefty Lou's obsession with that rip off and Herrera's support of it, she could have committed axe murder, relatively speaking, and the rag would be engaging in image rehab, no matter how much they're missing the demographic.

It's what they do.  Look up "Jim Jacks" for a big example.

What they fail to understand... as they have failed to understand so much for so long, is that the more these fringe-left whack jobs defend her, the more damage they're inflicting to her cause.

Few items in the local GOP have greater radioactivity than the support of the cancer on our community.

The local GOP should NOT have shown indecision on this obvious issue, much like they should not have shown indecision on expelling Greg Kimsey.  This should have already been over and done... no long, drawn out, painful play.

Both of these scum make me ashamed I ever was part of the GOP at any level.  And the failure to act shows how weak the party actually is when decisive leadership is needed.

Let's not forget: these same kind of people like those at the democratian were saying the same kind of crap about Marc Boldt... and how'd that work out for them?

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